You Can Catch A Sensory-Friendly Screening Of 'Sonic The Hedgehog' This Weekend

While a trip to the movies can be a fun-filled treat for children of any age, not every child enjoys the high volume and crowded, dark theaters traditional to many movies. In fact, for children with sensory issues, loud sounds, dark spaces, bright lights, and other environmental factors can trigger sensory overload. However, in an effort to give all children the opportunity to enjoy a trip to the movies, Regal Cinema has been screening sensory-friendly movies twice a month in its My Way Matinee. The latest sensory-friendly screenings will bring Sonic The Hedgehog to 70 Regal Cinema theaters across the country later this month.

"Regal strives to be 'The Best Place to Watch a Movie,' and that means creating positive, lasting memories for all moviegoers," Sandra Heinig, Regal's director of public relations, said in a previous press release, PopSugar reported. "We are continually expanding this program to include even more theaters, because we want every movie fan to feel comfortable and have fun at Regal."

To help movie fans with sensory processing disorders feel more comfortable, participating Regal theaters run sensory-friendly screenings during which they turn the house lights up and the movie's volume down. In doing so, Regal Cinema has aimed to create a space where guests with sensory processing disorders or sensory issues like those that commonly accompany autism can comfortably enjoy a trip to the movie theater. "This becomes safe space where our guests are free to express themselves by singing, crying, dancing, walking around, talking or shouting while enjoying Hollywood’s latest films," the cinema says on its My Way Matinee website.

My Way Matinee showings occur twice a month, every month at 10:30 a.m., according to Regal. Tickets for My Way Matinee shows are priced at $6.50. Regal's Winter 2020 My Way Matinee schedule will bring a sensory-friendly screenings of Sonic The Hedgehog to participating locations on Feb. 15.

Later in the month, on Feb. 29, participating theaters will bring guests a sensory-friendly screening of The Call of The Wild. In March, Regal Cinemas My Way Matinee schedule will include a sensory-friendly screening of Onward on March 14, followed by Mulan on March 28.

Parents and caretakers seeking a My Way Matinee showing are encouraged to check the Regal Cinema website to find their nearest participating sensory-friendly movie theater. So with Sonic The Hedgehog's date happening this weekend, be sure to mark your calendars.