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The Best Serena Williams Feminist Quotes

by Korey Lane

Unless you've been living under a rock, or just offline recently, you know that Serena Williams is basically conquering life right now. The tennis champion is engaged to Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian, pregnant with her first child, and on Monday night stunned on the Met Gala red carpet. And to top it all off, she's the reigning queen of tennis, winning the Australian Open earlier this year. But Williams is more than all of that. At her core, Williams is a strong, successful woman, and she's independent in the best sense of the word. And all of Serena Williams' feminist quotes prove just that, and more.

And while Williams' pregnancy announcement via Snapchat was technically an accident, the athlete is still plenty outspoken on topics that she cares about. As one of the worlds most well-known athletes, Williams truly is living in a world typically dominated by men, but that doesn't mean she isn't doing her part to change that. Between her and her sister, Venus, the tennis world is a little bit more diverse, and all the better for it. And as Williams has long used her platform for delivering positive, empowering messages, it's no surprise that her view on the world takes on a good, more diverse, perspective.

Below are just a few of her best takes on feminism and women's rights:

When She Wrote An Open Letter To Empower Women Everywhere

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In an open letter to The Guardian back in November of last year, "To all incredible women who strive for excellence," Williams delivered powerful, impactful statements on her journey to feminism and why the fight for equality is worthwhile.

"But as we know, too often women are not supported enough or are discouraged from choosing their path," she wrote. "I hope together we can change that. For me, it was a question of resilience. What others marked as flaws or disadvantages about myself – my race, my gender – I embraced as fuel for my success. I never let anything or anyone define me or my potential. I controlled my future."

When She Spoke Out On Equal Pay Day

Equal Pay Day in the United States marks the day in each new year to which women have to work into in order to make the same amount men made the prior year. In 2017, that date fell on April 4, and Williams had some choice words about the matter.

"Women on average are still paid 20% less than men in the US," she wrote in her caption of the above video. "And when you break the pay gap down by race and ethnicity, black women are paid 37% less and Hispanic women are paid 46% less. On #EqualPayDay, I’m proud to support equal pay because women deserve their 20% today and every day. Show your support at #20PercentCounts"

When She Laid Down Some Truth In An Acceptance Speech

In 2015, Sports Illustrated named Williams Sportsperson of the Year, a historic choice. During her acceptance speech, Williams made sure to let everyone know just how powerful this moment was for women everywhere.

“For all the ladies out there, yes we can do it,” she reminded viewers. “My hope by winning this award [is that I] can inspire many, many, many more women … to stand right here on this podium and accept another 'Sportsperson of the Year,' so yes ladies it can be done."

When She Kept It Short & Simple About Her GOAT Title

Back in July 2016, Williams was being interviewed by journalists about her upcoming Wimbledon match. When one journalist asked her what she thought about being called "one of the greatest female athletes of all time," Williams responded with the perfect feminist answer.

"I prefer the word 'one of the greatest athletes of all time'," she responded. And just like that, Williams was able to prove that gender stereotypes are total BS, and that she's a great athlete. Period.