Pregnant Serena Williams Uses Sports Lingo To Talk About Her Baby's Position In This Hilarious Snapchat

Tennis legend Serena Williams has been the queen of Snapchatting her pregnancy, from the moment when she mistakenly posted the first picture of her growing bump up at 20 weeks. And now she's blessed fans with a funny, sports-inspired bit involving a Sharpie, her stomach, and some faux-intense commentary. Sure, she may be super serious on the court. But Williams' hilarious Snapchat of a pregnancy play-by-play shows that she's not afraid to have some fun with the way her body is changing, and to give her followers a good laugh while she's at it.

Williams is due sometime in the next few weeks, so she's currently loving her bigger pregnant belly. And, as she shared on Snapchat, the revered athlete found the perfect use for it. In the video, which Williams captioned "How athletes look at pregnancy," she takes a Sharpie and begins to draw a sports play-by-play on her shirt, saying, as her fiancé (and Reddit co-founder) Alexis Ohanian looks on:

So, baby's head is here. Good job, you want to stay there. Spine somewhere in this region, and you have the feet somewhere maybe over here or maybe over here. Hands — I feel it punching — over there. Be focused when you come out. You want to sliiiiide out on the bottom.

Who says you've got to limit pregnancy audio stimulation to Baby Mozart, and limit sportscasting to actual sports? Because sure, a fourth-down touchdown may be intense. But it's got nothing on this whole childbirth thing when it comes to athletic skills like pain management and stamina. Why not sportscast and strategize for a successful birth experience? I think Williams might be onto a whole new form of entertainment here.

The 35-year-old tennis star is obviously used to a very busy, sports-heavy life. And while she's spoken out about trying to stay as active as possible for as long as she can when it comes to exercising during pregnancy, she's still having to spend a lot more time cooped up than she's used to. No wonder she's drawing play-by-plays on her belly.

Turning her belly into a Telestrator isn't the only way Williams is passing the time on Snapchat until the baby decides to come out. She also made some fake commercials at Ohanian's expense. In one, she used him as an example for needing to get rid of grey hairs in one's beard (the Sharpie makes another appearance, as she tries to fill in the grey herself), and in the other, she called him out for not having a tan. It is delightful and will certainly make you smile.

So, come on, Baby Williams-Ohanian, listen to that play-by-play and sliiiiide on out! Just maybe not quite yet, because Williams has probably got a few more hilarious pregnancy posts in her still.