You Need To Watch 'Sesame Street's 'Real Housewives' Parody

by Kenza Moller

If you're a Real Housewives fan and your toddler likes Sesame Street, then boy oh boy, do I have the perfect merging of worlds for you. Sesame Street has created a Real Housewives parody, and the kids' show somehow — despite a lack of swearing and cattiness — nailed it perfectly. The three-part series has it all: There's a tiny dog, air kisses, confessional time, and drama over inconsequential events. There's even that suspenseful, classic reality TV show tune. Clearly, if you're not watching "The Real Grouches of Sesame Street," you're missing out on a primo parody.

Instead of the usual reality TV "villain" that all shows seem to have, the "Real Grouches of Sesame Street" has Grover, who may not be a grouch but who explains his appearance on the show by saying, "Every show needs 'the cute one.'" Other characters include Oscar, Grundgetta, and Diva GarbageDump. And they're all taking part in the Annual Grouch Talent Show.

Not to worry though: Despite delivering a fantastic parody, Sesame Street still manages to deliver some lessons for the wee ones on kindness, friendship, and sharing. Even better, the whole series is available now, and I've plugged all three parts in below.

Part I: "Meet The Real Grouches Of Sesame Street"

Meet the real grouches of Sesame Street with some introductions and fantastic taglines. Grundgetta calls herself a "mystery wrapped in fish and trash," while Diva Garbagedump proclaims, "People call me a trash-digger, and they're not wrong."

Part II: "The Real Grouches: Grouch Talent Show"

Welcome to the Annual Grouch Talent Show! Oscar's planning some magic tricks, but the rest of the crew have some pretty glorious songs lined up, including "Pretty Messy" and "Money Can't Buy You Trash." There's some drama, but there's also a lesson or two learned.

Part III: "The Real Grouches: Dinner At FUR Lounge"

Diva Garbagedump's restaurant, FUR Lounge, sets the scene for the next grouchy showdown. The third and final installation of "The Real Grouches of Sesame Street" offers several hilarious confessionals and a temper tantrum over a lack of moldy cheese (oh, yum). This episode even offers kids a quick opportunity to practice their counting, as well as a lesson in sharing.

Any mom can appreciate a kids' show that's got a laugh or two in it for parents, as well — and Sesame Street definitely nailed it this time. Can we have some more Real Grouches episodes, please? I'm not ready to say goodbye to Diva Garbagedump yet.