'Sesame Street's Summer Reading List Is Full Of Books The Whole Family Will Enjoy

It may be hard to believe, but August is upon us, the summer has officially ascended past its peak, and is going to start winding down sooner than we think. With school supplies restocked at our favorite stores and thoughts of your kids beginning their new grade in mere weeks, catching up on some book time is a great idea. And if you need a little guidance, Sesame Street's summer reading list is full of goodies, including stories about relationships, self-love, and life-advice for your tots, and their newest releases are sure to thrill.

In honor of its 50th anniversary, Sesame Street has released a series of new books for different age groups, covering some of the important topics that they are most famous for on TV. These range from fun and games to self-acceptance and emotional regulation, all packaged in a way that's still interesting to your child.

Reading is important. Summer reading is extra important. In fact, according to Study.com, kids who read over the summer have greater retention rates when it comes to information learned in the previous school year. Additionally, according to Study.com, some children who do not read throughout the break will experience "summer learning loss" in which they will miss out on about two months of learning development.

Though it's sometimes hard to convince kids to sit down and read when a screen is always readily available, having their favorite characters on the page will certainly help your cause.

Sesame Workshop shared in a recent press release that Sesame Street's new book offerings are as follows:

  • The Monster at the End of This Book: An Interactive Adventure: "Parents can relive Grover’s antics as he tries to stop the reader from turning pages, while kids engage with the classic story through touch-and-feel and lift-the-flap elements. Little hands will also love exploring."
  • Giggle with Elmo: "A soft book that includes crinkle pages, a peek-a-boo mirror, a giggling Elmo plush, and a teether handle for on-the-go playtime."
  • Love from Sesame Street: "A warm and uplifting hardcover picture book that helps children – and adults! – see all the love in their everyday lives. Part of the Sesame Street Scribbles series, this New York Times bestseller explores the meaning of love through the eyes of Sesame Street friends: 'Love is infinite. Love is giggles. Love is cookies!' A companion book, Dream with Sesame Street, will hit stores in November."
  • Love the Fur You’re In: Monster Wit and Wisdom from Sesame Street : "Featuring nostalgic illustrations from 50 years of Sesame Street picture books, the giftable hardcover offers gentle advice like 'Wherever you go, go with a friend,' and 'Don’t count your cookies before they’re baked.'
  • The Pursuit of Grouchiness: Oscar the Grouch’s Guide to Life: "An all-ages celebration of all things grouchy. Kids will enjoy the holographic cover and photos of Oscar and friends, while grown-ups will appreciate how Oscar keeps it real with sentiments like 'If you don’t have anything nice to say… come sit by me.'"

Whether you need to give a family you love a gift, want to entertain your own kids in a more educational way, or just generally want to boost your family's reading time, any one of these titles will be the best way to do it, with engaging stories and timeless characters that have been beloved for decades.