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Shawn Johnson East Had Some Amazing Pregnancy News To Share With Fans

These days, it's common for celebrities to share information with fans about their personal lives via social media. It's a way for stars to connect with thier fan base on a deeper level. And for plenty of celebs, this ramps up even more if/when they have a baby on the way. From ultrasounds, to maternity photos, sex reveals, and more, Instagram followers can follow along on their favorite celebrities' pregnancy journeys every step of the way. And for those who follow Olympic gymnasts, Shawn Johnson East had some amazing pregnancy news to share with fans.

In April, the former Olympic gymnast and her football player husband, Andrew East, revealed they are expecting their first child, according to E! News. The nappy news came more than a year after Johnson had suffered a miscarriage. So you can imagine how excited they — as well as their fans — were by the pregnancy. Except, things took a scary turn during Johnson's 20-week ultrasound.

The parents-to-be posted a YouTube video on July 18 detailing what their doctor told them about the health of their unborn child. As it turns out, their baby's kidneys were more dilated than normal and underdeveloped, according to People — which is actually relatively common. On top of this, though, it was discovered the baby has a two-vessel umbilical cord instead of a three-vessel cord. This poses an increased risk for pre-term labor and stillbirth. As a result, their doctor recommended genetic testing. Because these two issues together indicates a chance for genetic abnormalities — and specifically, Down syndrome.

On July 19, Johnson and East shared on Instagram that they have hopeful news in regard to their baby's health. "Pregnancy is scary AF," Johnson wrote. "It’s a roller coaster of emotions and a lifetime of prayers." Although they only shared that the news was good this time in the snippet, it wasn't long before Johnson and East elaborated more on what they recently learned.

Not long after this teaser, the parents-to-be posted a 16-minute YouTube video explaining the update at length, according to Today. After “praying for our baby literally every five minutes of the day,” the tests came back negative for genetic abnormalities. “Congratulations your genetic testing came back negative. Yay!” Johnson said of the results. She then spent the next “45 minutes reading that one line over and over and over again" to make sure she interpreted it correctly.

As for the kidneys? An ultrasound at 24 weeks showed they're right on track now. “Kidneys are a normal size, they said the baby is growing great,” East explained while they were driving in the car, returning from the appointment. “Doc said everything looks pretty good. No tears today.”

Although there's still the issue of their baby's two-vessel cord, for now it seems Shawn Johnson's baby is perfectly healthy. And I'm sure fans are breathing a sigh of relief right along with the expecting parents. Hopefully, Johnson and East are able to relax and enjoy the remainder of of the pregnancy with the knowledge that their little one is thriving.