Shawn Johnson's 40-Week Bump Photo Is Every Full-Term Mom

The countdown to finally meeting your baby can feel like an eternity. Especially during those last couple of weeks of pregnancy, when every day seems to creep by more slowly than the last. The heartburn, constant urge to pee, and the not-so-gentle kicks, don't exactly help things, either. And Shawn Johnson's 40-week bump photo is basically every full-term mom who is beyond ready to meet her little one.

As a refresher, the former Olympic gymnast is expecting her first child with husband Andrew East. The couple announced the pregnancy back in April, according to USA Today, roughly one year after Johnson suffered a miscarriage. "We cannot WAIT to welcome you to the world and shower you with love," she captioned a photo of East standing behind her and pointing to her belly, as she rested her hands on her bump. Along with Instagram post, the couple shared an emotional video during which they opened up about the devastating loss. "We went through something rather traumatic," East said in the video. "Shawn did, specifically, and so this baby ... has been a long time coming, and we couldn't be more excited."

Fast-forward to today, and Johnson's bump looks a tad different than it did in her pregnancy announcement — and especially when compared to her gymnastics days. Because, duh. There's an entire human in there who is ready to come into the world any day now. To drive the point home as to just how much her body has changed — and probably to help pass the time — Johnson decided to see if her old U.S. women's gymnastics uniform would still fit, People reported. Except it actually did!

"Fits a little different these days," she wrote alongside an Instagram photo of herself having squeezed into the leotard, adding a laugh-crying emoji. "@andrewdeast dared me too[sic] hahah 40 weeks preggers. But no joke... this babes is already more rewarding than any medal was. BABY! GET HERE ALREADY!"

In the photo posted on Friday, you might have also noticed the expecting mama's big toe is wrapped. That's because when Johnson was 38 weeks along, she dropped a piece of concrete on her foot and broke her big toe, according to Us Weekly. (Ouch!) As if getting around with big 'ol pregnant belly weren't difficult enough, right?

Apparently though, a broken toe didn't affect her mobility too badly. At 39 weeks weeks pregnant, Johnson shared a photo of herself doing squats because she was told "it might help kick this little one out." The expecting mama declared at the time, "I WANT TO MEET YOU!"

Throughout this pregnancy, Johnson and East have remained open about the medical scares they've faced — including an issue with the baby's kidney's, a two-vessel umbilical cord, and the possibility of their baby having Down syndrome. The expecting parents have also been honest about their previous pregnancy loss. Just last week, the mom-to-be marked two years since the miscarriage on Instagram while also expressing the growing anticipation as her due date drew closer. "2 years ago today our world was turned upside down when we lost our first pregnancy ... 2 years later we are anxiously awaiting the arrival of our rainbow baby," Johnson wrote. "Baby East, we can’t wait to meet you and pray for your safe delivery and arrival into our arms."

Hopefully, the rest of Shawn Johnson's pregnancy goes by quickly and without further incident — so that she and East are able to finally meet the little one they've been waiting so patiently for. My prediction? I have a feeling Johnson's next Instagram update will include he precious newborn. Keep doing those squats, Shawn!