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Shawn Johnson's Baby Shower Photos Left Fans In Deep Speculation

by Brianna Wiest

Shawn Johnson's first baby is about to make their appearance, and her best friends are ready to celebrate with her. This past weekend, Shawn Johnson's baby shower photos had fans speculating over the baby's gender. The shower was thrown by Johnson's best friends, including fellow Olympian teammate Nastia Liukin.

"Bump bump baby!" Johnson wrote on a Boomerang of her and Liukin dancing and rubbing her stomach. "Thank you to the best friends ever! Love you ladies!" She also shared a few other videos of herself and her other friends who are also expecting, as well as a video of the group altogether. Liukin also shared some sweet snaps with her husband, Andrew East, calling him her "shexy baby daddy."

Of course, friends and fans alike are extremely happy for the athlete, who got married back in 2016. In a flurry of congratulations, many fans also inquired as to whether or not the baby was a boy, given the decor was largely blue. "They must just love the colour blue! Blue is lovely for both genders. It's a healthy baby that's all that matters," one commenter clarified. "Why does blue have to immediately be associated with a boy?" said another.

Johnson has not yet announced the baby's sex.

A few weeks prior, Johnson posted another photo from her "family baby shower," at which she celebrated with those closest to her. "Family baby shower, this baby is so loved already," she wrote on the photo.

Johnson initially announced her pregnancy on Instagram this past April, with a sweet photoshoot and message. "We cannot WAIT to welcome you to the world and shower you with love," she wrote to her unborn child, who already has an Instagram and over 200K followers. "WE DID IT!" she then added to her husband.

After sharing that they had suffered a miscarriage two years prior to Johnson's current pregnancy, the two took to YouTube to share some of the complications that she had been experiencing this time around. Particularly, the baby had a two-vessel umbilical cord, as well as “two big red flags” signifying Down syndrome and increasing “the risk of stillbirth and the baby not making it to term,” she explained.

In an interview with Us, she explained her intent when she and husband East "celebrated" that her baby did, indeed, not have any genetic abnormalities:

I know a lot of people have seen our videos and misunderstood our intention behind it. All I can say is, coming off of a miscarriage and having pretty much no knowledge of how this whole thing works... we celebrated because to us, it meant our child had a greater chance of making it into our arms. I know the misunderstanding has been we celebrated that our child didn’t have a genetic anomaly and that was not it.

Though she's undoubtedly happy to be reaching the end of a healthy pregnancy, Johnson told Refinery 29 that worrying is a "a battle every day" but that she knows she's prepared. "You love your baby more than anything in the world, there’s no other choice than to figure it out," she explained.

It seems that Johnson is flipping toward her happily ever after (had to, not sorry) worry included. It's all part of being a new mom, and it's clear that Johnson is well on her way to being a really great one, at that.