Shih Tzu Tucks In 3-Month-Old Baby, And 5 Other Times Pets Had Their Tiny Humans' Backs — VIDEOS

Pop quiz: What's cuter than a video of a small fluffy dog and a baby? That's right: a video of a small fluffy dog taking care of a baby. I'm coming from a place of semi-authority on this issue because my partner and I have a dog and we have a toddler who was, until a recently, a baby (and also we have a rabbit but that's not really the point today). Really, the point here is not so much how many upsettingly cute creatures live in my house, so much as it is just how adorable this shih tzu and his big furry heart are. 

In the thousands upon thousands of hours during which my dog and my little person have interacted, not once has there been any effort from one of them to keep the other warm (as far as I can tell), although they have done other sweet things together, as kids and pets are wont to do. Most of what I've witnessed involves lovingly covering each other's face with slobber, tasting one another's food, and seeing how fast we can all run through the house without knocking each other over (no one wins this game). However, as you might have guessed, never once has the other paused to give me an indication that they were concerned with the other's body temperature. This is the main reason why this video is so impressive. Perhaps we should all take a cute (get it? Like, instead of "cue"? I'm sorry, I hate myself too.) from this sweet pup: 

Lucky for us, today's addition to the Internet is not the only awesome video of animals and babies having their own special ~thing~ going on. Many pet owners have caught heir own animals showing love to the tiny humans in the house. Perhaps I need to get a little more diligent about filming my own household. In the meantime, we've got these wonders to help us through the day:

Don't Mess With This Little One

My favorite thing about this one is how the dog is no bigger than the baby. 

Safety First

Cats don't always get the same credit as dogs when it comes to protecting their owners, but this clip makes me think that perhaps they should. 

Like Bieber, This Dog Is Sorry

After snagging a toy from his baby master, this sweet beagle more than makes up for his faux paw (seriously, I am the worst). Also, yes, I'm aware that this feels a little staged af, but I want to believe. Let's just decide to believe in this video together.

Future Guard Dog

Granted, this little lady is no longer a baby, but you can still see how mindful and concerned her four-legged friend is as she casually strolls around a swimming pool. 

Cat-Like Reflexes

Personally, I think the dog looks sweet, but the cat clearly feels differently. 

Image: Heather Kennedy/Flickr