Should I Avoid Certain Sex Positions During Pregnancy?

by Cat Bowen

Sex during pregnancy can get messy. You've got all of this increased lubrication, the blood flow makes things feel primed, and you're looking pretty darned good judging by the heat in your partner's eyes. You're totally down, but you might be wondering, "should I avoid certain sex positions during pregnancy?"

According to the Mayo Clinic, there's no mandate on which sexual positions you should or shouldn't be doing when you're pregnant, but rather, which are you comfortable doing? While there's no evidence that one position is unsafe, some might be difficult or impossible for certain pregnant women. For instance, some pregnant women get dizzy or lightheaded when they lie on their back, because, according to the What to Expect website, that growing baby compresses on some blood vessels, restricting blood to the brain, making mom woozy. This would make missionary not a very charitable position. Your partner certainly wants to rock your world, but maybe not quite so literally.

Other women who normally like to be on top may find that this is no longer possible for them, because the act of straddling and rocking on their knees is painful in those joints which are made lax by the hormones of pregnancy, according to the American Pregnancy Association. They may find that they need to put away their riding boots until after the baby is born, and find a happy alternative like the "X Marks The Spot" variation — the legs of the woman are closed, and the knees are neutral, taking pressure off the wobbly joints.

The bigger your glorious belly gets, the more maneuvering becomes tricky. The Cleveland Clinic says this is very normal, and you are probably once again going to be on a mission to find a new position every time your belly grows. Because missionary, once again, is super not easy with a giant bump in the way. (That baby is already blocking your sex life.) The woman on top position feels like a lot of work, too. I was not a fan of the spoon position, because it made my breasts rub up and back against the sheet, which felt like sandpaper on my sensitive nipples. Personally, I found there was one and only position that worked — doggy style, with a lot of support from the wall in front of me, and from my partner holding up my hips.

Pregnancy sex is not easy, but it was just wonderful — at least for me. Experiment. Have fun. Unless your doctor has given you notice, no sex position is off limits. Take advantage of all of that heightened sensitivity and time to do it. Because if you think that a baby on the inside can derail your naughty plans, wait until they're asking for water at 3 a.m..