Everything You Need To Know About Breastfeeding In The Cold

Cooler weather is quickly approaching (and probably well underway for many areas) and if you're a breastfeeding mom, you might be wondering how you will combine breastfeeding with cold temperatures while you're out and about this fall and winter. Should you breastfeed outside if it's cold? There's no cut and dry answer and, like most things, relies on your intuition as a mother.

Obviously, the most straightforward answer is that you should nurse inside where there's warmth before you opt to feed outside. But in some situations, like waiting for a bus or not being able to get somewhere warm when your baby is hungry, nursing outside might be your only option. In those situations, ensuring you're both dressed appropriately, with cold weather, breastfeeding friendly clothes, and maybe some extra blankets, will keep you both warm if nature calls and your baby gets hungry.

According to Parents, babies under six months aren't able to regulate their temperatures as well as older babies, putting them at a greater risk of developing hypothermia. And while it's fine to take your baby outside, as long as it's not overly windy or cold out, being aware of their body temperature is important.

If your baby has blue lips, is shivering, or has cold hands and feet, Fit Pregnancy noted that parents should bring them inside right away. Additionally, Parents noted that babies 12 months and older need as many layers as adults do, and babies younger than that need one layer more, so ensuring your baby is properly dressed, with hands and head covered, will help them stay warm if you do end up nursing outside.

All in all, trusting your intuition and body temperature as a mother (and maybe doing a quick weather check before you head out) will ensure you make the safest and best decision about where to feed your baby this winter.