Should You Hire Someone To Build Your Crib?

When you're designing the perfect nursery for your baby, the crib is often the thing you obsess over the most. Since your little one will (hopefully) be spending a significant amount of their days sleeping in it, the crib has to be stylish, comfortable, and, most of all, safe. It's that last point that can stress out some parents, especially if mom and dad aren't exactly handy, DIY types. If that's the case for you, should you hire someone to build your crib? It could be worth it.

Putting together a crib is just as much of a hassle as assembling any other piece of furniture. From the heavy lifting, to the instructions that seem to be written in gibberish, to the parts that mysteriously go missing (or worse, mysteriously remain behind even after you've finished building), it's a pain. Throw in a pregnant belly and a lengthy list of other tasks that need to be accomplished before baby's arrival, and suddenly professional help doesn't sound like such a bad idea.

If you're looking to hire someone, sites like Amazon can hook you up with someone to build your crib. The company noted that all work is done by local experts, who will inspect the finished product to make sure it's as safe as possible. When searching for a crib builder in my area, Amazon gave me an estimate of about $70 for the service. And although that's not cheap by any means, it's also not a bad price to pay for some peace of mind.

And Amazon isn't the only play in the crib-building game. According to it's site, Ikea offers a professional crib builder when you buy the item from the store or online. For items under $200 dollars, assembly runs about $89 and is only available if you have the item delivered. That's actually more than the cost of one crib the company offers, and just $10 less than several others. Retailers like Babies 'R' Us and Buy Buy Baby can also deliver and assemble a crib, but their pricing isn't listed online— the cost may depend on things like where you live and which model you choose.

You can also take it a step further and hire someone to build a crib from scratch on sites like Home Advisor, and you can even help design it. It's a pricy option that could be worth the splurge if you like the idea of creating a family heirloom that could be used by generations of babies to come.