Want To See 'Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom' In IMAX? Here's What You Need To Know

Going to see movies in theaters is such a fun experience, especially when that movie you're seeing is from the beloved '90s movie franchise, Jurassic Park. The latest installment hits theaters this Friday and because the visuals are expected to be wild, you might be wondering if you should splurge to see Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom in IMAX or if you should opt to see the film in a standard screening.

It boils down to the kind of experience you want out of the film. But whatever you decide, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom is guaranteed to be a thrilling adventure, whether you see it in IMAX, 3-D, or standard definition. This film picks up four years after the last film left off, according to Entertainment Weekly, and things aren't looking so good. The Jurassic World is in ruins and being threatened by a dormant volcano, according to Entertainment Weekly, which means the dinosaurs are "now roaming free." Sounds a little scary to me, but thrilling nonetheless.

If current reviews for the movie make it sound like it is going to be an adventure, the IMAX poster accomplishes that same exact thing. In the IMAX exclusive poster, released last month, according to Collider, it shows one of the dinosaurs from the park holding on to a helicopter and looking to devour a human as a tasty snack. Terrifying.

Watching the movie in IMAX won't change the contents of what is in the film, so your kids are easily spooked, then you might want to sit this sequel out until they're a bit older. But, for every theme park lover and thrill-seeker alike, the IMAX version of Jurassic World 2: Fallen Kingdom seems right for them.

The description of the film in IMAX, according to Collider, sounds like it needs to be experienced by the right kind of person, especially since those in the audience will "feel every roar" when they see it in IMAX. Not only this, but the picture will be clearer, according to Collider, in addition to the sound being a little bit more powerful than it is in a standard screening, which will "create a unique environment that will make audiences feel as if they're in the movie." Needless to say, seeing the movie in IMAX probably isn't recommended for those who are afraid of the dark or don't enjoy a good scare here and there.

As such, it might not be great for children who are sensitive to sound and frights to see in IMAX either. Common Sense Media, a website dedicated to helping parents pick the right movies to watch with their kids, has declared the Jurassic World series to be "scarier and more intense than the original movies," which is not so great for the little ones but seems perfect for those "teen adrenaline junkies and up," as Common Sense Media noted.

But that isn't to say that Jurassic Park and Jurassic World lovers (even if they are young kids) won't like the movie. The film, according to ScreenRant, "provides the fun and adventure" that people have come to expect and love from the franchise — but the film is also perfect for "casual summer movie goers." Therefore, seeing the movie in IMAX will only heighten this fun and adventure that people want to see from watching the film.

But parents know their children best, so if they think their children can handle a lot of roaring and stomping, then they should go ahead and splurge to see Jurassic World in IMAX. After all, seeing Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom in IMAX is a lot cheaper than going to an amusement park, but sounds just as thrilling.