Should You Take Your Child To A Pride Parade?

Pride Month is quickly approaching, and with that comes a great opportunity to share the importance of pride with your children. Part of the significance of celebrating the month is marked by Pride parades around the world. If you're a parent looking to attend, you may wonder "Should you take you take your child to a pride parade?"

Ever since the United States Supreme Court's 2015 ruling that made same-sex marriage a right, liberal parents have been more interested in bringing their children to festivities throughout the month of June. But, given the current political climate, many may wonder if it's safe to bring their child along and, if so, what are the best ways to navigate the parade with children.

In reality, that decision is mainly based on each individual family and even the location of the parade, as some locations are more riotous than others. That being said, you can and should feel comfortable taking your child to a Pride parade. It's a good idea, though, to have a conversation about the importance and meaning behind Pride first.

According to Care2, Pride means something different and unique to everyone. Regardless of those special meanings, Pride is valuable and can be impactful for kids and teens. Especially those who can use a supportive environment or who will benefit from being a part of learning about supporting others around them.

Depending on your child's age, you may also address the possibility of seeing nudity, intoxication, or anything else that may be out of the norm. That being said, there are few inappropriate occurrences at Pride parades. If it's a concern, however, you may want to ask around about the Pride parade in your area.

Emily Rosenbaum, a Boston mom, shared in her article with Kveller exactly why she believes it's important to take kids to Pride parades. In the piece, she wrote:

"We bring our kids because we want our gay families to be able to walk alongside our straight families in joy and celebration. Because we remember that not so many years ago our gay families didn’t even legally exist and that many of our gay members grew up assuming they would spend their lives in the closet."

And if you do decide to take your kid to a Pride parade, SFGate offered some helpful tips to navigating Pride with a child in town. For starters, you should arrive early, before crowds and lines get too big. You should also search out the bathrooms when you first arrive, bring earplugs and sunscreen, and consider where you'll park or having someone drop you off. Don't forget to have fun, explain any questions your children may have, and bring a bag to pick up candy or goodies from the parade.

For many families around the world, the idea of open expression and embracing Pride is one of the most meaningful reasons to take your child to a Pride parade. The LGBTQ community is part of everyone's community, and the lessons, fun, and significance behind that can and should be celebrated and shared with the generation being raised.