Should You Wear Underwear When Working Out?

Getting to the gym is hard enough as it is — figuring out your workout wardrobe is another story. Some women look like they fell off the cover of a fitness magazine, and some women, like me, prefer to go in baggy track pants and their husband's long t-shirts. Exercise gear should be comfortable and breathable, but what about underneath? Is exercising commando better, or should you wear underwear when working out?

According to Shape Magazine, wearing underwear while working out is completely based on preference, but there are some significant reasons why you should probably wear them. The article explained that underwear can be an effective way to catch sweat and moisture, thus hindering the growth of bacteria or yeast which thrive in warm, moist environments. However, it also noted that tight fitting thongs are not really suitable for working out because they can cause a back and forth friction which could lead to UTIs and vaginal bacterial infections.

The type of fabric you choose for workout underwear is important, too. Shape explained that moisture-wicking and antibacterial fabrics, along with cotton, are the most optimal, and that you should steer clear of any lace underwear.

If you prefer to go to the gym commando, Fox News suggested that it is perfectly alright, as long as you follow certain hygiene guidelines. It's suggested that you make sure to find pants that are made of a breathable material, that you change out of your pants as soon as possible after your workout, and that you wash your workout pants everyday, ensuring proper hygiene and preventing the growth of bacteria.

So whether your exercise comfort level requires you to go commando, or to wear comfy panties like I do, it's best to choose the right breathable fabrics for your workout wardrobe. Feeling good, and feeling comfortable while working out, can make going to the gym just a little easier. A cookie at the end of each workout would help, too.