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Six Ways To Stay Calm While Waiting For The Election Results

So you're watching the presidential election and nothing is going the way it was supposed to do and you are minutes away from eating your own toes. It's OK, friends. Here are six ways to stay calm while waiting for the election results. I can't promise that you won't eventually lose your mind while watching, but maybe I can help. Before election night officially started, you were probably feeling pretty confident that Hillary Clinton had this in the bag. All the polls were in her favor, after all. And there was no way Trump could take Michigan and Wisconsin, was there? Yeah, I know.

If you're anything like me, watching all of this happen is extraordinarily anxiety-inducing. Before you get sick, start shaking, crying, and breathing into a paper bag, there are ways to get through tonight. Just remember that whatever happens it will all be over soon. If nothing else, take it the way Scarlet O'Hara from Gone With the Wind would take it, and say you can't think about that today you'll think about that tomorrow. If you absolutely have to see this thing through to the end the way I do, I've got some tips to help get you through it.

Start A Knitting Project ‌

Many studies have suggested that knitting is a great therapy for mental health and anxiety, and is one of my personal favorite ways to stay grounded when I'm losing it. Also, it's easy to do while you're watching TV. So make your mom a lumpy scarf and maybe it will take your mind off the election.

Pour A Glass Of Wine (Or Whatever)

I mean, don't go crazy but sometimes you just need a drink, you know? Maybe pour yourself a glass of wine (or something stronger) and try to calm down.

Call A Loved One ‌

Yes, misery loves company. Sometimes it makes it a little easier to know that you're not going through this alone. Call your mom, your dad, your siblings, best friends, whoever. You're all in this together.

Breathe Deeply ‌

You don't need the paper bag, but now is a good time to refocus on your breath. Get grounded, get centered, and just focus on breathing in and out for right now. It's gonna be okay.

Make An Exit Plan

It seems counterintuitive, but sometimes it helps to look the worst case scenario in the face, and prepare for it. So Donald Trump might be our next president. Well, there's always Canada.

Turn Off Your TV

If this is all just too much for you, it's okay. Just turn off your TV, go to bed, and try not to think about any of this until tomorrow morning. The country will still be here, I promise.