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Snapchat Autoplay Jokes Perfectly Sum Up How Much Everyone Hates The New Update

Is there anything more frustrating than when your go-to app receives a totally annoying update? OK, so there are lots of things more frustrating, but, still, Snapchat recently released a new update and people are not happy about it. The main reason? The new auto-advance stories feature, which automatically plays the updates from the people you follow in an essentially unending stream of videos. In theory this new feature was meant to make the app more user-friendly, and make it easier for people to get caught up on what their friends were posting. But, in reality, it just made people angry. The silver lining is that, according to the Daily Dot, that anger has been channeled into a number of hilarious Snapchat autoplay jokes and tweets that perfectly sum up everything users hate about the new feature.

The number one complaint that Snapchat users seem to have following the new update? The autoplay aspect makes it super confusing to understand who's posted what — not to mention that it basically forces you to watch updates you really wouldn't have otherwise chosen to watch, or cared about. Of course, there is a way to by-pass this autoplay madness: according to a post on the Snapchat blog, you can "simply swipe to skip ahead, or pull down to exit!" But are Snapchat users happy with that explanation? Oh no, they are not.

Thanks for nothing, Snapchat! (But, uh, the new stickers are kind of cool, okthanksbye.)