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'SNL' Mocked Arie's Season Of 'The Bachelor' & You Need To See It

If you're familiar with this site at all, then you'll know that all of us who work here are kind of obsessed with The Bachelor — myself included. But that does not mean that I do not enjoy the heck out of a good Bachelor parody. For example, on Saturday SNL mocked Arie's season of The Bachelor and it was everything I could have hoped for, including a shout-out for all of the race car puns. Ahem, guilty.

Honestly, there's something so easy to mock about The Bachelor. I mean, let's be honest, it's a reality show about a bunch of women competing to become some guy's wife and/or a future Instagram model. But it's not easy to get it so perfectly right, as the brilliant performers on Saturday Night Live did. The show managed to capture everything hilarious about this season, including perfect representations of all the over-the-top personalities competing for Arie's heart. And don't worry, the show didn't shy away from skewering Arie himself, a former race car driver that many people didn't even remember, and who was not exactly the most obvious choice as the season's lead.

I enjoyed every delightful moment of this parody. In fact, I'd probably just watch a parody version of The Bachelor and be just as entertained.

From the first moment, it was clear that this parody was not here to play. "Last season, we broke new ground with our first black Bachelorette," said the announcer. "And this season we're back to the whites." *Chef's kiss.* The announcer went on to describe Arie as a race car driver who, depending on the light, is handsome. And asked which of the 12 Laurens he would choose, before renaming the show "Car Hunk." This. Is. Amazing. Alex Moffat portrayed Arie, introducing himself as a car guy "vroom vroom," before a segment in which each of the contestants "stole him for a sec." (So spot on!)

Vanessa Bayer, Cecily Strong, Jessica Chastain, Aidy Bryant, Melissa Villasenor, and Kate McKinnon each portrayed a different contestant trying to win this car hunk's heart, opening the conversation by saying, "Mmm, I like this." Moffat asked each of them, "Tell me something about you," and responding to every comment with, "I love that." Among the contestants obviously parodied was Annaliese, who has cried on every group date, Krystal, known best for being this season's "villain," Bekah M. who has short hair, and Tia, from Wiener, Arkansas, renamed Labia, Arkansas on Saturday Night Live.

There is something incredibly mockable about The Bachelor, even though I love it with all of my heart. The show is extremely formulaic, and after 22 seasons it's getting easier than ever to predict what's going to happen next. This makes it pretty much ripe for parodies from Saturday Night Live. In fact, the show parodies The Bachelor often, with varying different names for the show's lead. In 2016, when Ben Higgins was The Bachelor, SNL renamed Higgins "Bland Man" which is blisteringly accurate, in my opinion. Nick Viall faired slightly better, and was called "Beard Hunk" on the parody show.

In these trying times, there's something truly comforting in the continuity of both Saturday Night Live and The Bachelor. God knows what's happening in the government right now, but at least we can all count on these two programs to offer some sweet relief in the evenings. As long as there's The Bachelor, Saturday Night Live will parody it. And I guess that is something to celebrate.

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