'SNL's Hilarious Spoof Of Prince William & Prince Harry Has Twitter Cracking Up

Sure, the royal family is comprised of a lot of important people, boasts more corgies, and probably owns more diamonds than you could ever dream of. But that doesn't mean Saturday Night Live can't have a little fun with America's current obsession with the royal family, especially with those brothers. Indeed, SNL's spoof of Prince William and Prince Harry in this hilarious bit has nearly everyone on Twitter taking their royal obsession even further and cracking up along the way.

With SNL, you know that something (or someone) you love will be parodied, eventually. So it was only a matter of time before Prince Harry and Prince William made their way into a silly segment. And when they showed up on SNL's "Weekend Update" segment, fans knew they'd be in for a wild ride. In the scene, Prince William and Prince Harry made their debut appearances to address the rumors that President Donald Trump was allegedly mad at the royal family for their relationship with President Barack Obama. It has been reported that, according to Politico, the British government is worried that President Obama and his wife, Michelle, will get invited to Prince Harry's wedding and it will upset Trump (because what doesn't these days?).

The bit is so worth watching; not only to see how the brothers are portrayed (hair and makeup definitely could have used some work) and how they address the rumors, but for how hilarious the whole entire skit is and how it pokes fun at their brotherly bond.

The punch line of the skit? The brothers actually don't address the rumors regarding President Trump reportedly being upset about the royal family's relationship with the Obamas (Buckingham palace does not comment on political matters, according to fake Prince William). And instead, throughout the whole skit, the brothers, who are a little over two years apart in age, according to TODAY, take the time to make fun of each other's appearances and their respective partners. The skit heavily revolves around Prince William's newly shaved head and Prince Harry being the younger, redheaded brother — which is why their appearances could look a little off to those who are obsessed with the royal family.

People on Twitter could not get over the brothers' appearances and thought the actors' portrayals, while a little cringe-worthy, were super hilarious. If people on Twitter have such a strong reaction to this bit, then you can only imagine how much your coworkers or family members might be talking about it this upcoming week (so it's important to familiarize yourself ASAP).

Some People Were Cringing

Others Were Just Amazed

Most Agreed It Was Hilarious

The best part about this sketch is that the actors who play Prince William and Prince Harry — Alex Moffat and Mikey Day, respectively — as one Twitter user pointed out, are the same actors who portray Trump's sons, Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump, on SNL. While there are tons of differences between the two pairs of siblings, you can't help but to laugh at the concept.

While Saturday Night Live might have portrayed the brothers as two siblings who are not afraid to make fun of each other, this joking is all in good fun. Prince William and Prince Harry, according to Vanity Fair, became "uniquely bonded" after their mother, Princess Diana, died when they were barely teenagers. The Buckingham Palace released a video last spring of Prince William and Prince Harry having a conversation with one another about metal health and at one point in the video, according to Vanity Fair, Prince William joked that he and Prince Harry are "not always on great terms."

If this is the case, then the SNL skit captured their bond pretty well. While it failed to perfectly nail their exact appearances of the siblings, the skit made up for it in humor.

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