'SNL' Nailed The Hilarity & Chaos Of Zoom Calls Right Now — VIDEO

By now, chances are you've been on least one or two Zoom calls. A Zoom happy hour perhaps, a Zoom meeting with your co-workers, or even a Zoom playdate... you name it. The technology is incredibly helpful right now, of course, but it sure does have its awkward moments as Saturday Night Live's Zoom conference call skit perfectly portrayed.

On April 11, Saturday Night Live returned for "SNL at Home," an episode filmed remotely from the casts' homes, and tackled a slew of timely topics, of course. But the Zoom call skit really hit home with viewers. Between corny jokes, two technologically-challenged co-workers, and a few breakdowns, SNL nailed how hilariously awkward and sometime chaotic this work-from-home adjustment during the pandemic has been for so many.

"Oh, man, it's so good to see everybody — at a safe distance, that is," Brian from sales says with a corny laugh. "Sorry my place is such a wreck," Crystal from market research says, in reference to the small amount of household items on a stand next to her. Meanwhile, Kevin from research asked, "Are any of y'all wearing pants? Now be honest, now. Heh, heh. Zoom is fun."

Then there's Henriette and Nan, the company's receptionists, who steal the show. "Hello. Hello. I got an email address for this," Nan, played by Kate McKinnon, says to the camera. Henriette, played by Aidy Bryant, then angles the camera at her chest, as McKinnon set her avatar to a photo of Wayne Brady.

At one point, Henriette gets up and walks into the bathroom. "Oh, no. No, no, no, no, no. Please don't bring it into the bathroom!" Todd, the team leader, exclaims as Henriette starts to sit down on the toilet.

Ultimately, the Zoom call was a hot mess, with Henriette and Nan shouting out random confessions. "I used my license as toilet paper and now I don't know my own birthday," Henriette says while blubbering and a sobbing Nan chimes in with, "My husband says I can only use one sheet of toilet paper, but I need three to get all the dookie out!"

As off-the-wall as the SNL Zoom conference call skit ultimately got, though, it's not that far off from reality. After all, a clip from a Zoom call went viral in late March after a woman forgot to shut off the camera when she took her laptop into the bathroom with her. And one poor guy — who evidently forgot he wasn't wearing pants during his Zoom call — gave his co-workers an excellent view of his underwear when he stood up from his desk and walked across the room.

Hopefully, SNL keeps the hilariously relatable social distancing/work-from-home content coming and Henriette gets some more toilet paper ASAP.