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Hilary Duff Got Mom-Shamed For Eating Brussels Sprouts While Breastfeeding

As new moms learn from experience, there's always someone you're not pleasing, whether it's an overinvolved mother-in-law, a tired spouse, or even a pet who's suddenly second banana. If you're a celebrity, you also have the added challenge of strangers weighing in. Some fans criticized Hilary Duff for eating Brussels sprouts while breastfeeding and it shows how exhausting things can be for new moms.

As the Younger star discovered, you sure have to be careful what you post to avoid someone, somewhere, finding something to criticize. And as Us Weekly reported, when the actress and new mom posted a photo while eating some Brussels sprouts while also nursing baby Banks while on vacation in Mexico, some picky posters on Instagram even found a problem with that.

"Brussel sprouts will produce lots of gas through breastmilk," replied one fan. "100% agree," posted another in regards to the suggestion of the going off the veggie in question "Two kids with reflux and milk protein allergy. Get that baby on meds. Total life saver!"

Now, all the input wasn't totally from left field: Duff had posted earlier that day explaining that she was looking for "magic tricks" in dealing with colic, a condition in which infants under the age of four months cry or fuss extensively, according to WebMD.

"Calling all parents of colic babies.... this ends right? Can you ever set them down with out them screaming OR waking up? We have read everything the internet has to offer... nothing besides nursing basically every hour or less helps!" she wrote, adding (jokingly of course, come on, people) the hashtags, #babyforsale !!! #anytakers??

Now, advice like this, even well-intentioned, really frustrates me. When you've had kids, you realize that, first of all, no two models are exactly alike. Sometimes, restricting mom's diet while breastfeeding can absolutely help with a baby's gas and fussing... and sometimes not.

I've known new moms who took practically all food sources out of their diet, with little effect in helping the baby's digestion... and then got shamed for having nothing left to eat but carbs.

I've also known moms who found it just too hard to handle a newborn and be their own limited-menu private chef and just muddled through, food-wise, until the end of the fourth trimester, when most babies have passed through this trying stage, anyway.

At least once actual doctor weighed in on the Instagram issue, thankfully.

"Babies are often gassy and crying because they are babies and it’s not food related,” board-certified pediatrician Jen Trachtenberg, MD, told Us Weekly regarding Duff's situation.

Dr. Trachtenberg, who has a video series called "Pediatrician in Your Pocket," also told Us Weekly that it's important that new moms not end up starving themselves while breastfeeding and seek out rest and family help so they can tend to a constantly-crying baby.

It's hard enough for new mom — and new parents — as it is. Duff sounds smart and capable, and I have no doubt that her little family — partner Matthew Koma and son Luca, 6, from her previous marriagewill get through this period with baby Banks, thanks to a little teamwork.

So whatever green vegetables a nursing mama like Duff decides she needs or wants to eat, she should. And if she decides to cut them out for awhile, well, that's up to her too.

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