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Someone Is Wooing At The Super Bowl & It's Driving Twitter Crazy

There were many reasons for fans on both sides of the aisle to be upset on Sunday, but the fact that someone was "wooing" loudly at the Super Bowl seemed to grate on everyone's nerves more than usual. Outside of the usual smack talk and fanfare, Panthers and Broncos fans at home also had to withstand a train of incessant, high-pitched screaming... or yelling. Cheering? No one really knew what to call the ear-splitting "woos" emanating from an errant mic strung up somewhere in the stands at Levi's Stadium — but they certainly had their opinions about it.

"Hey, CBS, can you find and destroy the woo-ing guy next to the microphone at the Super Bowl?" wrote The New York Post and Page Six's Jeremy Schneider. "Thanx." Another user dubbed the mysterious fan the "most annoying man of [this year's] Super Bowl." (No word yet on whether the anonymous fan was actually a man or woman.)

Regardless of the exciting game before them — by the end of the first half, the Broncos were up six points over the Panthers, and both teams had been delivering a steady stream of tough hits and graceful stumbles — fans seemed more intent on smacking down the loud-mouth viewer than actually keeping track of the game itself:

Whoever said that non-football fans couldn't get into the Super Bowl was seriously mistaken. Clearly, all that's needed to unite the nation in one bloodthirsty sports battle is a solitary, annoying audience member.