Attention! Attention! You Can *Finally* Try One Of Those Pickle Juice Slushies At Sonic

If you've ever been with-child, then you're probably well aware that pregnancy can do some pretty wild things to your body. Between extreme fatigue, nausea, aches and pains, bloating, gas, heartburn, breast tenderness, food aversions, and food cravings, growing a human with your body is no easy feat. In pop culture, though, it's the cravings that seem to get the most attention — with pickles and ice cream being two of the most popular, must-have items. But what if someone were to combine these concepts? Well, one fast-food chain just did. Well, sort of. That's because Sonic's pickle juice slush has officially arrived and it'll, hopefully, fulfill all of your wild pregnancy cravings.

On Monday, June 11, Sonic launched four new limited-time flavors at 3,500 locations nationwide — just in time for summer, as USA Today reported. Among the fast-food chain's new flavor lineup of snow cone slushes are: Tiger's Blood, Blue Hawaiian, Bahama Mama, and Pickle Juice.

"Sonic's guests are game to try adventurous and fun flavors, so we've made it our mission to deliver the best of both worlds when it comes to innovation and variety," Scott Uehlein, vice president of product innovation and development for Sonic, said in a news release. "The entire Snow Cone Slush lineup — including Pickle Juice, Bahama Mama, Blue Hawaiian and Tiger's Blood — has a distinctly summertime vibe, allowing our guests to create new summer memories."

If you're curious about what a pickle juice-flavored slush might taste like, you're not alone. Luckily, Food & Wine was privileged enough to test out the intriguing treat at Sonic's Oklahoma City headquarters. Food & Wine described it as "sweet and tangy," but that consumers are sure to "keep going back for more sips, likely until it's all gone." The only complaint? According to Food & Wine, the drink was apparently a bit too sweet. Hmmm. So is it more like a sweet pickle, then? Or is it dill flavored, but still somehow sweet?

Unsurprisingly, the idea of a pickle juice-flavored slush has created quite the buzz ever since news of its impending arrival broke back in March. And the reactions have been pretty mixed. Some couldn't wait to get their hands on this quirky treat. "Pickle juice slush .... my mouth is watering already," one person tweeted.

Another Twitter user wrote: "Can't wait to go to Sonic's and try the new Pickle Juice slushie! I understand that it's not most people's thing but let those of us that love pickle juice enjoy this rare moment. Hope it tastes just like hamburger dill pickle juice."

Yet another person tweeted, "I’m low key here for the Sonic Pickle Juice Slush."

Meanwhile, others were thoroughly repulsed by the idea. "If you even consider buying that pickle juice slush from Sonic, just go ahead and block me. I don't need that kind of energy surrounding me," one person tweeted.

Another Twitter user threatened, "If i catch you ordering this I’m calling the cops."

Some who have actually tried it already — like these meteorologists did today — seem pleasantly surprised. "It's not as terrible as I imagined," Carson Metcalf shared in a video on Twitter. His co-worker, Alec Zuch, admitted, "It actually kind of works."

Others? Not so much. "Oh my god. That is ... It hits your throat. It kicks your throat," news reporter Kinsey Sshofield said in the below video. "That is pickle juice, if I've ever tried it."

"Update: do not get the pickle juice slushy from sonic, it’s disgusting," one Twitter user proclaimed.

"The pickle juice slush from sonic is disgusting it tastes like a sweet pickle don’t b fooled," another person tweeted.

Something else cool pertaining to the new pickle juice slush? Sonic is also releasing a Snapchat lens that will transform you into a pickle juice slush from June 11 through July 29, according to the news release. So be sure to snap a photo of yourself while trying out one of the new flavors. And don't forget to plan your pickle juice slush taste-test during happy hour for half-price drinks.

As cliche as it sounds, pickles — dill, sweet, and everything in between — are one of the foods I crave the most during the first trimester of pregnancy. (The same goes for fried pickles and pickle-flavored potato chips.) Except, I tend to eat so many of them in a short period of time, they soon become somewhat of a food aversion. Still, I would totally give Sonic's new pickle juice slush a try.