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Sonja Morgan's Most Iconic 'RHONY' Lines Are A Hilarious Trip Down Memory Lane

Sonja Morgan has been through the ringer on The Real Housewives of New York City, and even though she can have her ~moments~, Lady Morgan typically handles everything with a wink and a naughty joke. She's the master of poking fun at herself and lovingly teasing her friends in kind (even though that can get her into trouble, too). Sonja's best lines from RHONY prove she's the stuff of Real Housewives legends.

She may not be an OG Housewife, but Sonja joined the crew in Season 3 and even fellow castmate Bethenny Frankel remarked that there was a "OG vibe" in Cartagena last season, while sitting with Ramona Singer, Luann de Lesseps, and Sonja. It's clear that the bond with her castmates is deep — hell, she's even housed two of them through rough patches in their own lives in her palatial townhouse. But Sonja has a lot to give and she's actually more open than most to hearing criticism and considering her friends' feedback.

She's kicking off Season 11 with a huge step forward in her own life: finally moving out of the townhouse and into a small, chic apartment for one. Hopefully, this is the start of a new chapter for Sonja, but let's take a stroll down memory lane

Her Best Tagline

Sonja's had some winning taglines over the years, but this spot-on self-burn in reference to the many jokes about her puttering around her Upper East Side manse like Big Edie from Grey Gardens proves that Sonja makes fun of herself better than anyone.

Sonja Can Make A Hookup Happen Anywhere

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"A squirrel came in my room last night. I almost made out with him."

This gem came from the ladies' glamping trip to Montana back in Season 6. Even with few men in sight, Lady Morgan finds a way.

She Loves A MediSpa

The Housewives rarely shy away from vaginal rejuvenation procedures and Sonja's as game as anyone.

She Handles A Fall From Grace Well

Sonja has suffered some tough financial struggles over the course of the show, but she always handles it gracefully — with a wicked joke at her own expense.

She Fiercely Protects Her Friends

Who could forget the time Dorinda Medley's boyfriend John Mahdessian was spotted out at a bar alone where Sonja was having a girls' night. Sonja immediately marched over and demanded to know what exactly he thought he was doing in one of RHONY's most eminently quotable moments.

Sonja's Most Infamous Spiral

There have been a few times in RHONY's long history when Sonja's drinking habits have come into question, and she blurted out this line during one of her rougher seasons. (Dorinda memorably replied, "John-John's dead, so that's difficult.") Thankfully, after this, Sonja took a detox trip to Costa Rica and often abstains from drinking when out with the Housewives now.

Her Self-Described Aesthetic Is Everything

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"Leopard is my neutral."

Sonja actually wrote this line in her Housewives blog, rather than saying it on the show, but it's so charming (and true) that it deserves a spot among her most iconic quotes.

Sonja Is A Woman Of The People

She may be the ex-wife of a J.P. Morgan heir, but Sonja still knows how to connect with us peasants.

She Ribs Her Friends Better Than Anyone

This early era moment between Sonja and Ramona perfectly captures that signature Ramonja bestie banter.

The One Where Sonja Wouldn't Let The Yacht Go

Sonja may have lost her yacht after filing for bankruptcy but she was happy to bring it up in this zinger directed at Heather Thompson during a reunion show. (Luann quickly put Sonja in her place by reminding her that she doesn't have a yacht.)

She Knows Who She Is

This moment inspired another great tagline, but it really captures her role in the group. She may not be a pot-stirrer, but she keeps the party lit.

Her Walk Of Shame Perspective Is Priceless

Among RHONY's charms is that it's Housewives are on the older side, mostly single, and probably the most sex-positive of the franchise. No one demonstrates that better than Sonja.

Luckily we have a whole new season of Sonjaisms ahead of us. RHONY Season 11 is currently airing on Bravo.