Here's When You'll *Finally* Be Able To Try The New Sour Patch Kids Cereal

Hold on to your hats, everyone. The perennially-popular candy, Sour Patch Kids is about to make breakfast a little more sweet — and sour —at your house very soon. Sour Patch Kids Cereal is now a thing and you know that your kids are going to beg your ear off until you give in and buy it, pretending it's not really for you, too.

Unfortunately, we'll have to until December 26 to get our hands on this diabolical concoction, reported Today, which will be available exclusively in Wal-Mart stores. That means we must suffer one more month without this assumingly tasty treat gracing our breakfast tables.

However, it's coming at the perfect time. The day after Christmas, when you're inevitably hitting up all of the post-holiday sales and buying eight more packs of 9-volt batteries for a toy Santa brought your kid, you will need a pick-me-up. What better than to head to Wal-Mart's grocery section to grab a box of cereal you never could have imagined, even in a world where we have at least a dozen different cookie-inspired options, several types of Toast Crunch flavors, and even cereal based on the best chocolate bar of all time.

You'd be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn't know the glory that is a Sour Patch Kid. Most of us learn of their deliciousness at Halloween or the movies, and as children, we're immediately taken with the full-body experience of eating the sour-sweet gummy candies. While I doubt Post Consumer Brands is going to package a giant box of gummy candy and sell it as cereal, you know that this new product will have will have the electric neon colors and sour then sweet flavor you'd expect.

I can't imagine this will be a cereal everyone will embrace though — it's already a pretty divisive candy. People either love it, or they hate it. Personally, I love it, and so do my husband and kids, but I can't stand the way it gets stuck in my teeth. This cereal will surely solve that problem. Although, I am concerned what color the milk will become, and if that will turn me off from a second helping.

It also seems rife for use in making bars. Imagine a marshmallow crisp rice bar made with this new Sour Patch Kids Cereal. Sour, sweet, and tangy, with a crisp-chewy texture. It would be interesting to say the very least.


The folks at Thrillist were actually able to taste the cereal before it hits the shelves, and their reactions were not surprising. They wrote that "There’s the crunch from a corn/wheat-based sugary breakfast cereal... but something was different! Holy moly, they nailed the sour flavors. And not in a bad way, because it’s also still very much a sugary cereal." They liken it to a sour Fruity Pebbles cereal, and seriously, Fruity Pebbles are one of the best sugar cereals ever invented, so I am all-in for this experience.

Alas, there are no Wal-Mart stores in the New York City metro area, so I'm personally going to have to wait until I head out even further east to celebrate the New Year. Hopefully, the crunchy bites of goodness will not have sold out by then, and I'll be able to nurse my New Year's hangover with it.