Starbucks Is Bringing Back These Beloved Holiday Drinks, So Go On...Treat Yourself

The end of the year brings about a lot of feelings: warm knits, the joy and chaos of reuniting with family, the coziness of your couch and a Netflix marathon to make sure you don't miss any new cheesy holiday specials, and of course, the once-a-year experience of getting the most elaborately decadent Starbucks drinks your merry little mind can fathom. This year, there's even better news, because Starbucks is bringing back a classic holiday collection, so move over Peppermint Mocha Latté (JK, there's room for that, too).

The company has announced that, by popular demand, it will be bringing back its Black and White Mocha Collection this year, available at most stores in the United States and Canada beginning today, Dec. 26. (Yes, today, because you better believe the holiday season is going to go on for at least another week or two.) According a Starbucks press release, the drinks that will be available are as follows:

  • Black and White Mocha: "Our signature espresso is poured over a silky swirl of white chocolate and dark mocha, which melt together to create a wonderfully rich concoction! We then add steamed milk to balance the richness and top with whipped cream and a stripe of chocolate “sequins” to resemble a black tie."
  • Black and White Hot Cocoa: "Dark and white chocolate mocha sauce are melted with steamed milk to create rich swirls, finished with whipped cream and chocolate 'sequins!'"
  • Black and White Frappuccino: "The delicious combination of dark and white chocolate mocha sauce is blended together with Frappuccino roast coffee, milk and ice. Whipped cream and chocolate “sequins” are the final accessories for this blended beverage, too."

At the end of November, Starbucks may have teased at least one drink returning to the menu with a post about its White Chocolate Mocha (similar to the Black and White Mocha, but not quite the same). Regardless, fans on social media immediately began responding saying how much they not only love the drink, but how well it gets them feeling festive.

"This drink is actually my favorite iced, toasted or in a Frappuccino. It’s my everyday drink and I’m not gonna lie, I’ve probably gotten ten of them in the last week and a half lol. Love ya Starbucks," read one comment on Starbucks' Instagram photo of the drink.

"love my Creme Brulee Lattes but this might be my new favorite! The flavor is spectacular. Thank you Starbucks for always making the best coffee. I have tried others and you still are my absolute favorite," said another.

Though the drinks are decidedly for the holiday season, the Starbucks "newsroom" (found on its official site) says that developers believe the drinks are not only perfect for celebrating Christmas (or any other holiday) but as well as ringing in the new year.

“The New Year is a time to celebrate,” Erin Marinan from Starbucks beverage development team said in a press release. “The Black and White Mocha collection is a festive way to ring in 2018, with a stripe of sparkly chocolate sequins to resemble a black tie.”

A time to celebrate it is, and whether you do that with family, friends, your pets, gifts or just savoring the season and appreciating the end of yet another year, having your favorite drink on hand is for sure part of creating that magical Starbucks experience that everyone looks forward to for 11 whole months. The time is here to caffeinate, friends, so get to it.

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