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State Of The Union Memes Prove That People Are Really Enjoying The President's Final Address

President Obama's final State of the Union address was held Tuesday, Jan. 12 in the nation's capital. It's difficult to believe it has been eight years since Obama took the podium for his first State of the Union, although judging from the president's final SOTU speech, the amount of time that has passed was not lost on him. It wasn't lost on the internet, either. In fact, the president's final State of the Union address gave us some of the best State of the Union memes to date.

One could argue that the internet knew it would never have the opportunity to commemorate a Barack Obama State of the Union again, and felt it necessary to solidify this date, his presidency and this speech, in meme form, forevermore. From hilarious Obama photoshop edits to uncomfortable truthisms and Paul Ryan jokes, the internet was in its best form, quick to turn hilarious, poignant and applause-worthy moments into shareable memes, letting the American public re-live the President's final SOTU. Despite a wave of heavy criticism from his Republican counterparts, Obama was easily winning the evening in terms of social media hits (even if not all of them were exactly friendly).

Here are just some of the best, most hilarious (and sometimes emotional) memes from tonight's State of the Union address.

Because, really, you can only be a successful State of the Union if you could be a meme-able State Of The Union.

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