Stefon's Return To 'SNL' Did Not Disappoint — VIDEO

Bill Hader hosted Saturday Night Live, which means that people were looking forward to only one thing. That's right, Stefon returned to SNL Weekend Update and Hader's iconic character was just as hilarious as I remembered. And he seemed to think so as well. I don't know why, but I always find Saturday Night Live more hilarious when the comedians can't stop themselves from giggling and breaking character. Perhaps this is why Stefon was always so popular.

Hader is a hilarious comedian, but even he can't stop laughing when he appears on stage at Saturday Night Live as Stefon, the Weekend Update city correspondent. The crowd went predictably wild when Colin Jost announced that Stefon was there to give everyone some tips on what places tourists should check out while in New York City to celebrate St. Patrick's Day.

Dressed in his classic outfit, with his hair combed tastefully across his forehead, Hader's most iconic character ever slid into place, hands over his face as always. "Hi," he breathed when the screams died down, then called Jost and Michael Che "Conor, Percy," for no reason whatsoever. Can Hader just come back every week to reprise this sketch?

As for recommendations, Stefon's advice is as spot-on as ever. "If you're drunk in Midtown, doing cheap coke off your laundry card I have just the place for you," he said. "New York's hottest club is Gloosh, inspired by true events." Hader didn't even get through his first recommendation without breaking down into giggles as he said the club, "has a familiar yet troubling feel like when Larry King would play himself in a movie." The sketch also included several references to Roman J. Israel Esq. which for some reason Hader could not get through without laughing.

But he really broke down when he referred to Che and Jost as Moonlight and La La Land, respectfully. Hader went on to recommend a club for people who were Irish or "just white and violent" in the "clogged heart of the Bronx," as well as a place for someone who is ordinary but enjoys seizure-inducing Malaysian music called "Stand Clear of the Closing Doors, Please." He also asked Jost, "please call me by your name." It was perfect.

But if you thought that wasn't enough, Hader's sketch took things up a notch when John Mulaney showed up as Stefon's attorney and "conceptual piss artist" named Shy. Shy was there to consult with Stefon over how he was to explain what a "human squatty potty" is. I don't think I need to go into details, except that it probably would be more offensive if it wasn't so absolutely ridiculous. And if you were wondering why Hader can't keep it together while he's doing this ridiculous bit, it's not necessarily just because everything he says is so hilarious. It's because the host is so patient with him.

On Late Night, Hader explained to Seth Meyers, the former host of Weekend Update, the reason he always had to cover his face. "Anybody would be like, ‘Dude get out of here, you’re not doing your job right.' But instead, anytime I would say something, you would go, ‘Now Stefon,’ and I would start laughing," Hader recalled. "You were being so patient with this maniac who had the simplest job in the world.”

But luckily for Hader, absolutely nothing was funnier for the audience than watching him lose it every week while trying to get through this skit. And clearly not that much has changed.

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