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Steve Gold's Baby Daughter Is Currently Headlining His Instagram

Fans of Million Dollar Listing New York have been following Steve Gold's journey in the real estate business since he joined the cast in Season 6. But the vibe of his social media presence has recently changed because he welcomed a baby with girlfriend Luiza Gawlowska in June 2019. Baby Rose has made Steve from Million Dollar Listing New York's Instagram downright adorable. Would you expect anything else from a little lady named Rose Gold?

The parents know their daughter shares a name with a shade of precious metal — and they love it. But the couple named her after a beloved member of Steve's family. "It was my great-grandmother’s name, and my father described her as the glue that held my family together,” the real estate agent at The Corcoran Group told Us Weekly exclusively.

Parenting has changed Steve for the better, because Rose has forced him to examine his priorities in life. “For the first time in my career, I’ve been able to put everything on hold and just really be present in the moment with Luiza and my child,” he told the magazine. “I’ve found that even without sleeping, I have a sense of calm and focus that I’ve never had in my entire life.”

I went on Steve's Instagram to see how else parenting has changed his life and what I found was super cute. I need to share everything I've learned about Steve and his family.

They're Fans Of 'The Lion King'

Who doesn't love The Lion King? The scene of Simba being presented to the world on the cliff is iconic — and fun to reenact with your newborn daughter. Steve copied the pose with Rose in a recent post captioning it, "Nants ingonyama bagithi baba." That's Zulu for "the circle of life." Two cute dogs served as the audience.

They Love A Lazy Weekend

Steve recently posted a picture of he, Luiza and Rose sharing a moment at home on the weekend. Though they admitted in Us Weekly that Luzia is the more nervous parent, the entire family looks calm and full of joy.

Steve Is A Hands-On Dad

Steve isn't afraid to show Rose his affection with snuggles and kisses. No dad should be, but sometimes public figures rightfully choose to keep intimate moments with their children private. Steve's Instagram is cluttered with pictures of him loving on his new daughter. Sometimes while shamelessly plugging his real estate team The Gold Team, but why not?

Rose Has Cute Feet

I don't usually pay attention to baby feet to be honest. But there are a couple of pictures of Rose's feet on Steve's account and I admit they are seriously cute. They're not the tiniest pair of feet I've ever seen on a baby but that's impressive.

The shift in Steve's Instagram account since his daughter's birth is so sweet to see. He doesn't have to share as many adorable pictures with his followers as he does. Steve's obviously really proud to be father to a Rose Gold far more valuable than any piece of jewelry.

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