You Won't Believe Some Of These 'Stranger Things' Season 3 Theories

by Megan Walsh

Every fan may not have blitzed through all the episodes of Stranger Things Season 2 yet (with well over a year to wait for the next season, you've got to savor it while you can!) but those that have made it all the way to the finale are sure to have tons of questions. Though the season wrapped up fairly neatly, there was still a cliffhanger or two. These Stranger Things Season 3 theories try to determine what twists and turns the story might take in the future.

Many of the plot threads in Season 2 were resolved by the final episode, but there were just as many storylines that didn't come to fruition. Though the kids all got their cheerful spin around the dance floor at the Snow Ball and the monsters were seemingly defeated, there's still danger lurking out there. The Shadow Monster is still swirling somewhere in the Upside Down. It's unclear whether the Department of Energy has completely disbanded. The problems with Max's family (including her creepy older stepbrother) feel far from over.

And that's not even taking into account all the new threats that could find their way into Season 3. The Demogorgon seemed like the scariest creature possible until the Shadow Monster showed up — who knows what the future will hold? I've got a few ideas. Warning: Season 2 spoilers ahead!

A New Gate

Eleven closed the rift between Hawkins and the Upside Down, but there's no way the two worlds will stay separate for long. There wouldn't be a show otherwise. The Shadow Monster appeared to be gathering strength for another strike, so maybe in Season 3 it will find a way to re-open the rift or create a new one.

Eleven's Troubles Aren't Over

Every time Eleven used her powers, she got a nosebleed — and in the finale, her abilities took more out of her than ever before. Reddit user Marvelman02 came up with the very sad theory that Eleven's powers are actually taking a toll on her health, which could end up taking on greater significance as time goes by. She could get sick and become unable to use her powers, which would put her in danger as well as put the group at a serious disadvantage.

Hair By Harrington

Steve's magnificent head of hair was a point of bonding between him and Dustin, so what if Season 3 takes things to its natural conclusion and has Steve launch his own brand of hair care products? OK, OK, that's ridiculous — I just wanted to cheer you up after making you think about Eleven getting sick.

Another Head Grows In Its Place

Reddit user GH_Omega latched onto the popular theory that the Shadow Monster was based on the Thessalhydra in Dungeons and Dragons. While the show ended up comparing the Shadow Monster to another D&D villain (the Mind Flayer), there could still be something here. GH_Omega explained that in the game, there are four thessalhydras, which could mean there are multiple Shadow Monsters as well. It could be possible, considering the creature seemed like it was defeated but was still hanging around in the finale.

Man's Best Friend

Dustin won over a baby Demogorgon with the strategic deployment of nougat, and it ended up being the very thing that allowed him and his friends to escape the tunnels under Hawkins. It's likely Dart was killed in the closing of the rift, but in case he wasn't, Dustin might find himself with a brand new (and super weird) pet. He just has to make sure to teach Dart not to snack on cats anymore.

Sister, Sister

The biggest thread left hanging involved Kali, Eleven's "sister" and yet another child who was experimented on in Hawkins Labs. Kali was still out there when Season 2 ended, and there could be other children out there as well: experiments One through Seven, plus Nine and Ten. There's no way these kids aren't coming into play in Season 3 with all the setup that the second season did.

Eleven & Max Become Best Friends

This is just something I selfishly want to see unfold. Eleven wasn't very nice to Max when they first met because she was jealous of Max's connection to Mike. But now that she knows she has nothing to worry about, there's nothing stopping these two girls from becoming besties. A little female friendship would be nice to see on this show.

None of these theories may come to pass in Season 3 of Stranger Things, but there's no better way to speed up the wait than coming up with new ones.

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