'The Hate U Give' Is Available For All To Stream For Free

by Casey Suglia

In the wake of police-involved killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and too many more Black Americans and nationwide calls for justice, Twentieth Century Studios has made the very powerful and topical film The Hate U Give available to stream for free.

Amandla Stenberg stars in The Hate U Give as Starr Carter, a Black teenager who goes back and forth between two worlds: her predominantly white prep school and the mostly Black neighborhood where she lives. But when she witnesses her childhood best friend get shot to death by a police officer during a traffic stop, her worlds collide and Starr "must find her voice to speak out for what is right," according to the film's description.

George Tillman Jr., director of The Hate U Give, tweeted on Tuesday that he hopes making the film more easily accessible and free of charge will help "[provide] a bit of understanding." "Our story is a reminder to never be afraid to raise our voice in the name of justice," he wrote. "We must stand up for what we believe. The time for change is now!"

Right now, you can stream The Hate U Give for free on all digital platforms. You can stream it on YouTube, iTunes, Amazon Prime, Google Play, or Vudu. The movie is now available to buy at a discount, too; you can purchase The Hate U Give for just $3.99 on Amazon Prime, which is typically around the cost of the rental.

The Hate U Give is also based on the 2017 young adult novel of the same name written by Angie Thomas. Thomas wrote the book after being inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement, and told The Cut in 2017 that she wrote it specifically for young people wanting to know more about the movement. "I wrote this from a perspective of a 16-year-old girl, so I felt like I had a better chance of reaching people who take issue with the phrase 'Black Lives Matter,'" she said. "People who already have their preconceived notions about the movement, about all of it. If I presented it from the perspective of this innocent woman, they might be able to understand."

While the movie is centered around a teenage girl's experience with activism and racism, it is rated PG-13 for some of the violence and mature elements depicted in the film. Common Sense Media suggests it's most appropriate for kids 13 years old and up. Every parent will have to decide what's suitable for their children, but no matter how you slice it, the story of how Stenberg's character stands up for justice is gripping, distressingly timely, and inspiring.