From Marshmallow To Watermelon, Suave's New Bath Line Will Make Your Mouth Water

In the dark days of the 1990s when I was growing up, the products for children were limited, and we took what we could get. When it came to shampoo and soaps, we had the choice between either green apple or a super fake strawberry fragrance, and girls in my class lived and died by our personal preferences. (I was team green apple, all the way.) Now, kids have more choices than ever, branching out into things like bath bombs and legit conditioner, and TBH, I'm a little bitter. Because products like Suave's new Flavor Factory line smell like the happiest candy shop, and they actually work.

The Flavor Factory line consists of two different shampoos, conditioner, and moisturizing bath bombs in an array of candy-scented flavors like Magnificent Mango and Toasted Marshmallow. Each product is generously sized, and like all Suave products — ridiculously affordable. They originally rolled out at Kroger and Sam's Club stores nationwide, but I was able to source them at Meijer and ShopRite as well. Although the best deal is definitely the box set from Sam's Club (no surprise there) which retails at $9.48, and it contains one Watermelon Slushie shampoo, one Tropical Fruit Smoothie conditioner, and a pack of five bath bombs.

Full disclosure: Suave sent me a kit that contained the whole line of products, and when I opened it, I was dubious. The names of the scents worried me. I mean, Toasted Marshmallow scented shampoo/conditioner? I was a mite hesitant to take a sniff. But I needn't have worried, because y'all, let me tell you. It smells JUST like Lucky Charms cereal marshmallows.

I flipped out at that point and immediately opened up each of the other products, giddy with school girl delight. The Watermelon Slushie shampoo is very reminiscent of watermelon flavored bubble gum, and the Tropical Fruit Smoothie conditioner smells like the fruit section at the farmer's market — when it's warm and the bees are buzzing around the ripe fruit. In short, it's heaven.

As for the bath bombs? Funny story. My daughter is an early riser. I mean, early, like, 5:30 or 6:00 in the morning. Well, this morning she woke up and went to the living room, where I happened to leave the products from Suave's new Flavor Factory line on the coffee table the night before. From my perch in the kitchen I heard a distinct screeching sound, witnessed some excited dancing, and then watched as she proceeded to jump into the bathroom and demand a bath with one of the bath bombs before breakfast.

She had a hard time choosing which one, what with flavors like raspberry cheesecake, cotton candy, sugar cookie, and pomegranate. But, creature of habit that she is, she went with her favorite flavor and scent — mango. That little girl has never been happier to bathe in the early pre-dawn hours in her life. Afterward, her skin felt really smooth, and her hair was tangle-free thanks to the Suave conditioner.

Now, most of that is all really a blur to me as I hadn't yet finished my first cup of coffee, but several hours later, she still smells really good, and thanks to the pump mechanism on both the shampoo and conditioner, there is not a soap explosion all over my bathroom. I'm hoping they'll eventually extend the line into body wash and lotion for the kiddos, because they smell that good.

Her review? "The conditioner smelled like ice cream and let me brush my hair very well, and the dog really wanted to lick my legs after I took my bath, so I must have been extra sweet. Now can you un-inside out my t-shirt for me?" I don't think you can ask for a better review than that, really. If your tweens (or even yourself) need a pick-me-up in the morning, Suave's Flavor Factory line is the way to do it.