Super Smalls rings and bracelets on a young model
Courtesy of Super Smalls

This New Jewelry Line For Kids Looks Expensive, But Everything Is Under $40

Kids love jewelry for the same reasons adults do — it’s shiny, sparkly, and fun to look at. You really can’t blame them (okay well you can, especially if something goes missing) when they “borrow” your jewelry without asking. Super Smalls' jewelry line for kids is the perfect gift for the little one who can’t stop swiping your jewels or who scoffs at the kid-friendly plastic, pastel beads you find in a craft store.

Super Smalls was founded by Maria Dueñas Jacobs, mother of three daughters and former accessories director at Elle, so although the line is kid-friendly, you can still expect it to be fashion-forward. Even Roxanne Assoulin, maker of the ever-popular candy-colored bead bracelets gave Super Smalls her stamp of approval, Jacobs tells Romper. The jewelry takes its cues from the “glitzy grown-up stuff” (per their website) but makes the pieces accessible and appropriate for children and affordable for their parents; the line ranges in price from $19 to $39.

The debut collection launches just in time for the holidays and includes earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets and lace gems (yes, that’s bling for your shoelaces which I need ASAP).

Each set is packaged in a buttery yellow gift box that gives the present a special keepsake quality. Super Smalls is intended for children ages 4 to 10 and “anyone young at heart (but old enough to know not to put an earring in their mouth!),” per the brand's website.

Courtesy of Super Smalls

Now for a cautionary tale. A few months ago I took my brand new engagement ring off at my sister’s house to wash my hands, and of course, I forgot to put it back on. When I remembered ten minutes later, I went back to where I’d laid it next to the sink, and it was gone. In a moment of extreme panic and general flustered-ness, I was about to put my hand down the garbage disposal and start fishing around (do not try this at home) when my then 4-year-old nephew walked into the kitchen, wearing it as a thumb ring.

Guess what he’ll be getting for Christmas? You guessed it: some showy rings aka the ‘Power Lunch' Ring Set of 5 ($27). If your kid is more into ear-candy, there's the 3-piece 'Dinner & a Movie' Clip-on Earring Set ($27). And if bangles are their thing, the 'Happy Hour' Bracelet Set ($29) of 3 rainbow-jeweled elastic bangles is perfect for stacking, collecting, or sharing with friends.

In addition to being available directly on the Super Smalls website, you can also find these super sweet sets right in time for holiday gifting on Maisonette. Who knows, this may be the year you find yourself asking your kids if you can borrow their sparkly stack (or more realistically, nabbing the goods from their jewelry box while they're at school).