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Prince Oscar's Mom Had Her Own Name Day, But It Didn't Seem To Help His

Everyone's entitled to a bad day, especially a 3-year-old. But Sweden's Prince Oscar was too cute at his mom's name day celebration, despite the fact that he didn't look thrilled to be there. His mom may have had her name day, but it didn't seem to help his any.

As People reported, the adorable royal, 3, just didn't seem to be feeling it, to a comedic level, when participating in celebrations for his mom, Crown Princess Victoria, for her name day (somewhat like a birthday in Swedish culture).

As the mag noted, while everyone else in his clan — Crown Prince Daniel, his dad, and big sister, Princess Estelle, 7 — seemed to be enjoying the pomp and circumstance outside Stockholm's Royal Palace, Oscar seemed to having quite the royally-intense sulk.

As the crown princess, 41, celebrated the occasion of March 12 — which is associated with her name and thus an occasion for official celebration in Sweden — as the Daily Mail reported, the rest of the fam did its best to cheer up an unhappy-looking Oscar.

Crown Prince Daniel picked up his son and sister Estelle seemed to do her best to counter her sibling's fussiness with an adorable smile of her own, the outlet noted.

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The Daily Mail added that Mom also gave it a go, leaning down to engage with her adorable tyke, much as I've seen Prince William and Kate Middleton do with their brood.

Victoria is the eldest child of King Carl XVI Gustaf and heir apparent to the Swedish throne.

And while the difference between Princess Estelle's cheeriness and Prince Oscar's grumpy vibe was laughably noticeable — People added that even a band performing and the hundreds of people cheering didn't do the trick — keep in mind the kids' age difference.

After all, William and Kate have had to deal with public temper tantrums from their tots, too, including a memorable stint that Vogue Australia recounted when Prince George openly pouted in Poland.

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I'm not dissing Oscar at all (after all, he's possibly even that much cuter when he doesn't smile), but it just so happens that Sweden's royal youngster is slightly famous for not grinning on command; he refused to flash those pearly whites for a winter family photo a couple years back, according to Ireland's Independent newspaper.

The paper added he also boycotted looking happy at his cousin's christening and his mom's 40th birthday celebration, so this is hardly the first time.

Combing through the family's official Instagram account, I found plenty of cute pics of a beaming little prince, especially around the holidays.

So we know it's not a matter of if Oscar knows how to play the game and be political. Oh no, the question is, does the youngster want to smile pretty? He may not always want to, and that's understandable. Imagine if your kids were always under a microscope.

Still, although Crown Princess Victoria and Crown Prince Daniel look like adorably devoted parents, the concerned mother in me wants to ask them if they have ever heard, not of the word bribe per se, but how about the idea of, well, coaxing children?

This is, really, the only way to absolutely ensure a great holiday picture, or awesome public behavior. (I do all my bribery — sorry, I mean convincing — with desserts.) If you know the Swedish royals, please pass this tip on for the next official palace celebration that the adorable Oscar attends. But even if he's there and his smile isn't, it's still sure to be cute.