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Taissa Farmiga Returns To ‘AHS: Roanoke’ & It's Good To See Her Again

Rumors have been swirling for weeks, but American Horror Story: Roanoke "Chapter Nine" finally saw the return of a fan favorite actress from seasons past. Taissa Farmiga returned to AHS: Roanoke, and she wasn't playing the character people initially expected her to portray. Farmiga appeared within minutes of the episode beginning as one of a group of backpackers trying to track down the house from My Roanoke Nightmare. Many assumed she might play the real version of Lady Gaga's witch character, but Farmiga was actually playing someone totally new.

You see, Farmiga and her two friends were My Roanoke Nightmare superfans trekking through the woods looking for landmarks from their favorite show. While her male companions were fans of the show's scare factor, Farmiga's character Sophie preferred to dissect the social and political ramifications presented by the show, giving the narrative a timely and meta edge. For her, My Roanoke Nightmare's real scares came from racism and the patriarchy. Very relevant.

The campers were quickly interrupted by a bleeding, injured woman. They rushed to help her, chasing her through the trees, and she led them to a shocking site: the crashed car she had died in. The woman was actually the ghost of the producer who died thanks to Piggy Man when she was fleeing angrily from the house in Episode 6.

Though Sophie and her friends tried to do the right thing by reporting this to the police, they weren't believed because the woman's body had disappeared somehow. They had no real proof. So, rather unwisely, they returned to the woods to continue their quest. It was pretty much the worse decision they could've made, as they were rapidly set upon by all the horrors that get unleashed during the blood moon cycle. A seemingly possessed Lee even ended up killing one backpacker, though luckily Farmiga survived.

Sophie and her remaining friend Allan ended up holing up in the production trailer where Sidney and Co. were killed episodes ago. She took the place of the audience in those scenes as she watched the insane happenings in the house play out in real time on the trailer's many screens: she bemoaned the deaths of her favorites, and offered commentary on the action. (In other words, she was just like us!) So Sophie decided to embark on a return mission to save those left in the house, but once she and Allan got there, things got even worse.

The arrival of the real Roanoke colonists meant bad things. Sophie and Allan were quickly discovered by the Butcher-possessed Lee and her people. It was game over at that point. They were both violently impaled and then set on fire as a sacrifice to the land, which was always the Butcher's goal. Because of the body cameras they wore, their immolation was recorded for everyone to see. (Thanks, iCloud!)

It seems almost a tradition for AHS fan favorites to return to Season 6 just to die in the very same episode, but it was good to see Farmiga while she lasted.