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Read Tarek El Moussa's Quotes About Fatherhood

Tarek El Moussa, star of HGTV hit television series Flip or Flop, has been through his share of struggles. After battling cancer and recently filing for divorce from his wife, he has voiced his commitment to his children numerous times. Tarek El Moussa's quotes about fatherhood show just how important love and family can be for those fighting some of life's worst battles.

El Moussa and his co-star and soon-to-be-ex-wife, Christina, have two young children together: 2-year-old Brayden and 6-year-old Taylor. They first caught the public's eye with their popular TV show, but have gained even more attention since the announcement of Tarek's cancer diagnosis and their marital struggles. Although the couple is currently going through a divorce, they have managed to maintain a professional relationship on and off screen, and it's clear they keep their family at the top of their list of priorities.

As of late, Tarek El Moussa has been spotted all over social media: discussing his recent single life, his battle with cancer, and his family. One resounding message stands out amidst the tabloid headlines and gossip featuring his name: his commitment to making a happy and healthy life for his children. He has shared wise words on parenting several times since attracting the limelight. Here are some of his best quotes on fatherhood.

On The Importance of Making Memories

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El Moussa shared an emotional Father's Day Instagram post declaring his love for his children and his definition of fatherhood, including the importance of making memories:

I see these huge smiles and glowing eyes and my heart melts. Now... more then ever.... I truly understand what it is to be a father. Love your kids, protect your kids, create memories with your kids and make sure they live the absolute best happiest life ever!!!!!❤️❤️❤️ just love love love love love them soooo much!!! Happy Father's Day!! Tay and Bray I love you more than the galaxy as Taylor would say!

On The Joy Of Parenting

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In an interview with People, he shared what is keeping him happy and healthy, the joy of parenting:

We used to be so energetic. But with the businesses and the cameras and the cancers and the surgeries and my back, we started losing that energy. That's what led us to where we are. When you're going through something like I did, you don't realize how bad it is until you get out of it. But now I'm happy, healthy and dedicated to what makes me the happiest: being the best father possible. Everything's perfect

On Putting The Children First

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Despite the difficulty the El Moussas are facing, Tarek explained that he and Christina are focusing on what is important: putting their children first:

I feel like a huge weight has been lifted since the news came out. We're getting through this by staying great friends and being the best parents possible. Divorced couples who fight their whole lives really mess up their kids. We had a talk and said, We still want the kids to understand we're a unit – that we're still a family even if we're not together

In the face of so much adversity, it is refreshing to see a father so dedicated to the well-being of his children. Whatever the next phase of life is for Tarek El Moussa, it is clear that his family will remain a priority.