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OMG, Target's Deal Days Are The Same Time As Amazon Prime Days, So Grab Your Wallet

In the past several years, Amazon has been raking in the cash during their wildly popular Prime Days. These sales are a cultural juggernaut at this point, and have been thus far unrivaled by any other retailer. But this year, Target's Deal Days are on the same two days as the Amazon Prime Days, and it looks like the sale is going to be epic.

Set for July 15 and 16, the Target sale is important because it's not merely online, but flooding into their brick and mortar stores as well, which is a huge advantage for shoppers who need the items that day. Target jumping into the fray with their own "deal days" is a boon for consumers who will be the beneficiaries of competitive pricing and more items on the market. Not only that, while Prime Day is only for Prime members, Target sales are open to everyone. Just walk in, listen to what the aisles whisper in your ear, and walk out with a lot less money in the bank.

Last year, Amazon's Prime Day was so busy that the system became overloaded, leading to a glitch that caused so many errors, Amazon eventually extended the sale. In spite of that glitch, shoppers reportedly ordered over 100 million products on the website, making it the largest in the company's history, according to CNET.

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Target has not yet released any preview of the products that will be offered in the sale, but it stands to reason that they're going to want to stay hyper competitive with Amazon, which is offering deep discounts on everything from a 43" Toshiba 1080P television for $180 to Apple AirPods for $180, according to CNET. Knowing Target as well as I do, I would venture to guess that televisions are going to be a huge aspect of this sale, as they frequently discount them at different points of the year.

Personally, I'm hoping that Target will offer some weird and wild sales on things like their Archer Farms line of foods and their Up and Up beauty line. If I can save significantly on food for the beach or sunscreen, I will be a happy camper. Plus, it would set them apart from Amazon, because perishables aren't normally a big part of Prime Day.

Most years, my Prime day cart is full of my favorite anti-aging and beauty products that don't necessarily go on sale the rest of the year. If this trend translates over to Target's Deal Days, I will definitely be buying my fair share of Nyx and Essie nail polish along with Moroccan Oil hair products. If I'm really lucky, the Kristin Ess flat iron that I've had my eye on will drop from its $80 price tag. I've loved all of the Kristin Ess products so far, but I've been reticent to buy the pricey hair straightening tool.

I'll also be looking for back-to-school clothing and products for my kids. I know they just got out of school for the summer, but Sept. 5 will be here before I know it, and I need to prepare for that. Target's Cat and Jack line goes on sale with some regularity, so I'm confident I'll be able to snag some good deals.

The big question will be if Target's line of furniture by Opalhouse or Magnolia Home will see any real discount. I really adore the Opalhouse animal quilt, and if that goes on sale, wild horses could not keep me from turning my jewel toned bedroom into a full on jungle. I could not be happier that Target is having their own version of Prime Day, because my list is huge and my budget is not.