Target's 2018 Halloween Collection Is Already Here And You'll Love Its Creepy-Cute Vibes


Although the temperatures may still be soaring outside, plenty of people absolutely cannot wait for the autumn to arrive, and with it the promise of Halloween. Well, it looks like at least one retailer is on board with this early holiday business. Target's 2018 Halloween collection is already here, and its creepy decor will have you feeling those October vibes in no time.

Sure, it's early. But I could not be more delighted by this collection of bats, cats, witches, pumpkins, and everything else that goes bump in the night. From hand-shaped candle holders to spooky old telephones, Target has everything you need to make your home unsettling just in time for Halloween. And if you want to throw some of these deadly decor items up early, well, go for it. Some people just can't wait for Halloween to get here, and I am 100 percent one of them.

Plus, these Halloween decor items are also pretty cute, as well as affordable. Outdoor light strands, serving trays, and candy bowls can all be obtained for next to nothing. Stock up now to get those late spooky feelings going as soon as possible. There's no shame in getting stoked for Halloween even when it's still high summer out.

1Cozy Pumpkin

Harvest 5'' Cable Knit Pumpkin White


This cable knit pumpkin is sure to keep your fall decor all warm and cozy. Available September 9, this soft pumpkin can become one of your autumn favorites. It's the snuggliest Halloween decor on the list.

2Creepy Decorative Book

Hallow's Eve Potion & Poison Decorative Book


This spooky book would spice up any holiday decor. Plus, it's hollow inside so you can hide some treats there. Whether you tell the kids about these treats is up to you.

3Animated Telephone

Halloween Animated Spooky Telephone


This spooky telephone is ideal for your Halloween display. But your youngest trick-or-treaters may not recognize this contraption as a phone, which is very scary indeed.


Halloween Fabric Cat Bird


Is this a bird dressed up as a cat for Halloween? It's a pretty scary costume in the bird world, I guess.

5Cauldron Bowl

Halloween Lit Cauldron Candy Bowl


This solar-powered, glowing cauldron is the perfect place to keep your stash of candy on Halloween. Hopefully your trick-or-treaters will dare to approach it.

6Pumpkin Wreath

Halloween Shatterproof Wreath


Decorated with the colors of the season, this plastic wreath will give your front door or mantle a little spooky edge.

7Holiday Banner

Happy Halloween Paper and Felt Banner


Nothing says party like a fun banner. And this one is in black and purple, so it's perfect for the spookiest holiday of the year.

8Lit Skull Sign

Halloween Lit Skull Hanging Sign


Well, this guy is spooky. It's a fun take on the skull theme, at least. Collect several to give your home that super ominous look.

9Handy Candle Holder

Halloween Hand Votive Copper


This candle holder is so handy to use, you just might keep it out year-round. I mean, the potential for punny jokes is just too great.

10Light-Up Spider Web

60" Halloween Incandescent Spider Web with Purple Spiders


When it comes to spider web decor, go big or go home. This giant light-up web looks awesome day or night. Plus, spiders are a pretty universally creepy symbol.

11Ouija Board Serving Tray

Halloween Wood Serving Tray Purple Skull


Never mind the holiday, this tray is awesome any time. Use it to serve up treats as well as add to the spooky atmosphere of your home.