target's car seat program takes expired car seats too

Target's Car Seat Trade-In Event's Coming Up: Bring In An Old Seat, Get A S'Nice Coupon

Maybe your child has officially moved into booster seat territory, your infant's car seat expired, or maybe you're just sick of looking at your tot's yogurt-smeared, cracker-encrusted car seat. Whatever your reason is for moving on, Target's car seat trade-in event makes getting rid of your child's old seat a cinch (plus you'll get 20% off another baby item).

If you need more reasons to love Target's car seat trade-in event, which runs from Sept. 13 through Sept. 26, then you'll be happy to hear that Target actually recycles the discarded seats, and so far they've clocked in 14.4 million lbs. of material — I knew those things were ungodly heavy, but man, that's a lot of plastic that doesn't end up in landfill.

So how can you take part in the trade-in event? It's actually really easy, and downloading the Target app will make it even more of a breeze.

First, bring your no-longer-needed car seat to a nearby Target store, and drop it off in the designated box inside. Use the Target app to scan the code on the drop-off box if you want a 20% off coupon for another baby item. Ask an employee in Guest Services (the area you go to return things) if you need help scanning. You'll then open your "Wallet" within the app and view "Extra offers" to find your coupon (there should be a green checkmark next to it) plus any other special deals the store is running. Pull up your coupon the next time you're shopping in-store or online to redeem your discount.

This may seem complicated if you don't already use the app regularly, but it's actually quite intuitive to use and not at all daunting. Plus, the lovely employees in red polos are always happy to help.

It seems like a no-brainer; declutter your car and get something new for 20% off, which really makes a difference when you consider how pricey baby items can be. Plus, car seats are supposed to be replaced more often than you may think; they should be swapped out when your child turns 1, reaches 30 lbs., if you've been in an accident, or if the seat expires, per Consumer Reports. Even top-of-the-line car seats expire after a time (it has to do with the foam breaking down and general wear-and-tear) so check your seat for the exact timeframe.

With Target's trade-in event, you could opt for a booster seat for your growing kid, or go with a brand new jogging stroller, high chair, or travel system. To cash in on the deal, don't forget to visit your Target some time between Sept. 13 and Sept. 26 (but if you're like me, you'll be there anyway).