Target's current baby sale has some great gift card deals when you buy essentials.
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You Can Get A $10 Target Gift Card Just For Buying Baby Formula Or Diapers

by Cat Bowen

Having a child is accepting that you will be hemorrhaging money for the rest of your life. Don't @ me — it's true. Just when the flow has your wallet feeling a little anemic, your best pal Target comes in clutch. Yep, the baby sale at Target is back, and everyone is excited.

As usual, there are several different "buy-two-get-a-gift-card" deals, but also some things that are truly going to surprise you. (I know I was shocked.) For instance, right now, if you buy the wildly popular Halo Bassinest, you get a free four-pack of Aden+Anais swaddle blankets. That is absolutely bananas, and a heck of a deal. The bassinest is only $190 for the base model — which is still amazing — and the four pack of Aden+Anais blankets retail for $35. Those blankets are lifesaving, and the bassinest is one of those items that pop up on absolutely everyone's registry because they are just that good. On top of that, if you order for same-day pick-up or delivery, you can save an additional $10 off of every $100 that you spend.

You can also get a $10 gift card when you buy two packages of infant formula with same-day service, a free $5 gift card when you buy wipes with same-day service, and there's also an insane amount of savings on clothes, with cute brands starting at just $4. Y'all, this is a good baby sale.


Convertible Car Seat

This is a highly-rated, super popular car seat, and currently it's on sale. It comes complete with not one, but two cup holders for your child to lose their Goldfish crackers, french fries, and teething cookies inside. Thankfully, the whole thing looks pretty easy to clean, which, to be honest, is the most important thing — second only to safety.


A Cute Bedding Set

This is the sweetest bedding set. The bird motif is modern, but still fit for a baby. I can see this being passed down from child to child, each one getting cozy and comfortable on its soft surface.



Diapers are mostly buy two or three packages and get a $10 gift card, but this year, it's only good when you use same-day services. Either way, it's a great deal, so you definitely want to take advantage of the sale. They don't come around all that often.


A Baby Gate (I Can't Help You Figure Out How To Open It)

You and only you will be able to open this once installed. It is the way of baby gates. They are mystical things that only work for the owner, like Excalibur or a wizard's wand.


A Great Baby Monitor

You simply won't find a better deal on a monitor than this, and it's a great monitor. This one connects to your phone and has everything you need. It's not overly complicated, but it's still high definition and easy to use.