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Whoa — Target Has $5 Tees, $10 Jeans, & .50 Crayons (!!) In Their Back-To-School Sale

I am a diehard Target fanatic. I go so frequently that the security guard greets me by name. I would be embarrassed, but since it's just a few blocks from my house, I'm really not. Where else can you buy a cute new outfit for work, pencils for your kid, and a 12-pack of craft beer? Nowhere in New York City, that's for sure. I hit it hard last night, because Target's back-to-school sale is the stuff that dreams are made of.

If you're looking for great bargains and tons of cute stuff, there truly is no better place to shop than Target. Plus, there's all the additional deals you can rack up by using their Cartwheel app and your Target Red Card. When it comes to Target's back-to-school sale, corporate really zeroed in on what parents need for their kids to start the year off on the best foot. The biggest draw is the sale on clothes and school supplies. They're selling $8 jeans, $5 graphic t-shirts, and essentials like crayons and colored pencils at rock-bottom prices.

Target also has plenty of unexpected items thrown into the sale that show the evil genius of the marketing team. I mean, not only did I spend hundreds of dollars on kids' clothes and supplies, but I also ended up with several pints of Halo Top, cropped jeans, and salt and vinegar chip, which were all on sale and strategically located near what I was originally shopping for. I tell you, they're diabolical.


Super Cute Lunchboxes

OK, I saw these even more deeply discounted at my store in Brooklyn. They're really cute, easy to open, and they have a space on the outside for your child's water bottle.


Leggings With Reinforced Knees

My daughter lives for Target leggings. They have great patterns, they last longer than many other brands, and they're right beside the popcorn, so it's a win all around. I suggest buying at least 11 dozen pairs.



Cat and Jack jeans are adjustable, semi-durable, and they come in all the hottest colors. They have just enough spandex for movement, but not so much that your kids can't wear them a few times before washing.


Crayons (Buy Many, Many Boxes)

Crayons for just 50 cents. Seriously, if you have elementary school students, you know you need a ton of these. Kids break them, they lose them, and they disappear into thin air. I also like to send in extra for the teacher.


Plastic Folder

These are the required folder style for my kids' school district. They're durable, and they can be used for more than one year. When they're finally worn out, they're recyclable. My kids each need seven of these, so finding them for $.50 is a boon.


A Well-Organized Pencil Case

This is a legitimately great pencil case. So much so that I'd love one for my laptop bag. Not only is it a unicorn, it's got space and a place for everything.



Ever look at the t-shirts you buy for your kids and think, "Why did ours all have hideous branding on them when we were kids? Why did we not get laser cats and unicorns riding in convertibles while eating ice cream?" I think this all the time. My son has a bevy of cool shirts. I wore t-shirts that changed color for about 10 minutes before being left with a splotchy shirt that read "Hyper Color," but nothing was hyper but the person wearing it.



The wand chooses the wizard. I'm sure a box will jump out at you. This one is 18" long, acrylic polymer blend, featuring a curving vine to the tip (core unknown).


Thermos BOGO

My son is a very picky eater, so a thermos is essential. He will always eat spicy ramen, and this is the only way to get it to school without making a mess while keeping it hot.



Team slip-on sneaker. Seriously. They're so easy, and these are a great price. Plus, there are a ton of options, all of which are currently on sale.



My son is going into fifth grade and he already has assignments that must be researched and written on the computer. I don't want him on mine, so this is an inexpensive solution that I can put every possible parental lock on.



This is a great printer for a great price. Even if you don't print a ton, you still need one so that you don't have to print out private documents on public printers. This is also obviously great for all those new assignments.



My kids have to have headphones for computer class. Over the ear is the easiest and most comfortable, and these cute headphones, along with many more, are 20 percent off right now.



Uniforms add up. The 20 percent discount might not seem like much, but it's helpful when you notice just how many you need each year.


Pre-Sharpened *Good* Pencils

Once you start buying pre-sharpened pencils, you'll never go back. I buy several of these packs, and they last the year. They're a delight, and they're the easiest to sharpen when they dull.