Target's Cyber Monday Sales Make Shopping From Bed A Little Sweeter

So real talk, the term Cyber Monday kind of cracks me up, because it sounds like a leftover late-'90s Internet term. It reminds me of chat rooms, dial-up tones, and cheesy phrases like “surfing the Web.” But in reality, the Cyber Monday sales are no laughing matter. They are an easy way to score major discounts on holiday shopping, all from the comforts of your own home (or cyber cafe). And Target’s Cyber Monday Sales are pretty great this year.

If you’d like to knock out all of your holiday shopping before December even begins, Target’s sales are made for you. For starters, Target's Cyber Monday sales will go on for a solid week. And the entire site will offer customers 30 percent off apparel, accessories, and shoes. But that's not all. When using promo code CYBER15, customers can get an additional 15 percent off their purchase. Yes: Target’s sale game is strong this year.

Whether you need some action figures for your kids or some cute home goods for your BFF, Target has you covered. So fire up your browser, memorize your credit card number, and get ready to shop. Because if you wait too long, you're sure to miss out on some great bargains.

Images: Mr.TinDC / Flickr