Target's New Haunted House Cookie Kits Will Give You A Spooky, Delicious Tableau

Do you ever find yourself wishing you could mix your favorite treats and traditions from different holidays? It would be great to pop Easter's iconic Peeps in with candy corn in October, I could drink egg nog all year-round, and one of my most beloved family Christmas activities is building hilariously lopsided gingerbread houses and decorating them with sweets. Straight from my Christmas-at-Halloween dreams, Target is selling haunted house cookie kits so you can build yummy cottages with all your boos.

Designed by Target's Hyde & EEK! Boutique brand, these cookie kits come in four different affordable options — ranging from $2.99 to $9.99 — perfect for Halloween celebrations. Display them or devour them right away. Instead of gingerbread, three kits come in chocolate and one is a sugar cookie. Best of all, they're pre-baked, so no fiddling with ingredients: just take it right out of the box and start building. The treats are made of wheat and may contain milk, soy, and eggs.

Moonlit Cottage is a chocolate-lover's dream: your traditional baked house with orange icing and green, black, and orange candies for decoration. At only $2.99, this mini version is simple enough for little ones to work on‌. The cottage also works great for an arts and craft class.

What's Halloween without a haunted cemetery? Recreate your favorite burial ground movie scenes in cookie form with the Spooky Graveyard kit. The set, which costs $9.99, includes chocolate gravestone cookies, adorable pumpkin candy, green icing to make grassy paths, and bloody skulls and bones, among other fang-tastic accessories.

The Hyde Manor House, also just $9.99, tickles my spooky bone because of the classic Addams Family House vibe it gives me. The cookie's tall, ghoulish figure has a bit more heft than the mini kit at just over 32 ounces, which makes it the best choice of the four to pick for a family project. Have fun making this boo-tiful house your own with candy corn, bat candy, candy bloody bones, mini beads, and sprinkles. It also comes with black, green, and orange icing.

Target also has a kit to help you celebrate Día de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead, which begins on Halloween and ends on Nov. 2, according to National Geographic. The Calavera set consists of three sugar skull-shaped cookies and confectionery must-haves, like sprinkles. Put on Coco if you need some inspiration on how to dress up your cookies. Don't worry about making a mess on such a small surface (the skulls aren't very large); the Hyde & EEK! Boutique design team thought to include syringes to pipe icing for decoration.

My kids love doing family activities with food around the holidays. I can totally see us gathered around the dining room table, watching the Hyde Manor House lean frightfully to the left as we pile it with candy corn. (Because you can never have too much). Now we don't have to wait until Christmas to make a dessert house and stuff our faces with it. Halloween just got even sweeter.