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Target's Labor Day Sale Includes 20% Off Jeans & Up To 30% Off On Home Items

Oh, my beloved Target, it is on this weekend. I am about to dance down your aisles like a queen surveying her court before she takes off with all their loot. Only, you know, I'll pay for it. But, because it's a holiday weekend, and Target loves me as much as I love them, I won't be paying as much. The deals at the Target Labor Day 2018 sale are so good, you'll want multiples of everything.

Target seems to outdo itself every holiday, and this weekend the deals are bananas. They range from everything from mini fridges to printed mules to kids' clothes. Up to 30 percent off rugs and bedding, furniture, and patio items, with 25 percent off tailgating gear as you prep for football season, and even a deal for a $10 gift card when you buy two packs of diapers. Basically, there's a little something for everyone in your house, and a lot for your house itself. This year's Labor Day sale seems to focus on all the things that aren't normally discounted, so if you're looking for a good deal on kids' uniforms, a laptop computer, or a printer, this is the sale you're looking for. Also, there are huge discounts on big names like Graco and Keurig, so if you're shopping from a baby or bridal registry, now may be the weekend to buy that gift.



The classic Keurig. Normally $109, this is the Keurig by which all others are judged. Whether you choose to buy disposable pods, or you buy a reusable pod, nothing beats the ease and convenience of this machine. Keep this puppy filled with water and you're one button away from a blissfully caffeine-fueled existence. Maybe buy this on Friday and save the heavy shopping for Saturday after your first Keurig cup.


Popsicle Molds

This popsicle mold is usually $15, so it's a steal this weekend at $6. Sure, it's the beginning of September, but with climate change we have a solid extra few weeks of summer each year, and you'll want a chilly ice lolly to get you through. Also, the Koji makes tiny popsicles, which are perfect for baby hands.



My husband has had his eyes on these for a while, and at $50 off, it might be time to take the plunge into a pair of really fancy headphones. The sound quality is supposedly second-to-none, and they're never on sale.


Accent Chair

I have been looking all over for an accent chair I can use as a desk chair to go with my newly-remodeled bedroom. This chair is perfect in its abstract pattern, barely-there blush color, and it's $100 off the original price. It makes a statement, right?



I have one dog, two cats, and two children — that's a significant amount of mess that needs sweeping up every day. Dyson vacuums are never on sale, and this one is $50 off. Come to Mama.



Regularly $329, this highly rated television has all the bells and whistles, and at that price, it's hard to pass up. Perfect for those long days watching SEC games. Or just watch some more Parks and Rec.



This particular car seat has a $70 savings, which is pretty great. This is inevitably on several registries already, so be sure to check if you and your friends are looking to go in on a gift.


Casper Mattress

All Casper mattresses are 15 percent off this weekend. That's a pretty big discount, and I've heard great things about these beds. Plus they're easy to transport and fun to open. We could all use a better night's sleep, so it's worth a try.



Right now, you can save 20 percent off all jeans with code JEANS20, which I am taking total advantage of. My daughter loves their jeans, and oddly, so does my husband. This makes it easier and cheaper.


Power Bank

As an avid beach-goer whose beach has supremely crappy service, I will tell you how much these come in handy. This is normally $40, and worth every single penny. It provides a few full charges for your devices, and that is a miracle.