K, You're Going To Love Everything In Target's Sun Squad Line (Cockatoo Pool Float!)

I think it's safe to say that a great many of us buy much of what we need and want from the vast and enticing aisles of Target. I swear that I could outfit my whole family, decorate my house, and fill the fridge in the span of one day at Target. Provided I got to go alone, because if I have to go with my kids, I'm leaving with three new sets of pajamas, an oversized bag of fruit snacks, and probably a headache. But I digress. Their stuff is amazing, and Target's new Sun Squad line is pulling me in like a moth to a flame with its bright colors, summer themes, and reasonable prices.

Target's new Sun Squad line features over 600 new items ranging from inflatable sprinklers to backyard BBQ necessities, all starting at just $1.50. Designed to be ultra affordable and incredibly fresh, these goods scream warm weather, good friends, and poolside shenanigans. (And also margaritas.) I am imagining entire parties full of the Sun Squad products, from the cups to the entertainment, and to be honest, it looks pretty darned great. I love the silliness of a Unicorn pool float juxtaposed against a more classically preppy geometric print picnic blanket.

There are two pages alone of just pool floats. If you ever needed a reason to get to Target (Ha! Who needs a reason?) that would be enough right there. They have donut floats, mermaid tail floats, floats designed to hold your beverage, and other floats made to hold your baby. Until today, I never even knew that I needed or wanted a Cockatoo pool float, but Target's new Sun Squad line has proven me wrong.

There is also plenty of really useful stuff, too. My personal favorite right now is the two person strap chair that looks just like something my grandparents had, and it will look phenomenal at my BBQ. Also, it's just really practical, especially for parents. It's much easier to have your child on the same seat as you when you're trying to feed them outdoors than it is to have them in their own lawn chair, rocking back and forth, avoiding the hamburger in your hand like it's their job. Kids are a wily bunch, and being able to basically pin them to your side at any sort of outdoor function is a real boon when it comes to the practicalities of parenting.

The margarita party collection is everything you could hope for in a kitschy line from everyone's favorite store. There are palm tree highball glasses, plates adorned with ice cream cone eating flamingos, and a fantastic 2-gallon plastic pineapple beverage dispenser. Now, I do not know how much tequila goes into a 2-gallon beverage dispenser, but I am betting that you're going to need to invite at least 20 of your closest friends, unless you want to end up naked running around with only a pool float to cover your bits. Leave that sort of nonsense to the children; they can manage those shenanigans stone cold sober.

This collection even has games like croquet, ladder ball, and the cutest corn hole set that looks like a pair of cartoon sharks. I can hear my kids singing the song as they play already. Thank heavens for the aforementioned two gallons of margaritas.

This is the most comprehensive seasonal collection Target has ever rolled out, and with a ton of items under $15, you can't go wrong. It's going to be the theme of summer, so you'd better get to Target before they sell out.