You Are Seriously Not Prepared For How Great Target's Toddler Halloween Costumes Are

I'm not going to lie: I had big plans for my daughter to trick-or-treat as a Sonny and Cher duo with her cousin this Halloween. But she's made it clear that she has her own ideas in mind (you know, strong, independent woman and all that stuff I teach her). I'm selfishly bumming because dressing her up as a baby meant I had full jurisdiction over her costume (and it was so much fun). And so — if you still have the ability to dress up vicariously through your kid, then Target's Halloween costumes for toddlers are where it's at.

Because let's be honest: When they're little, what they wear on Halloween is much more about your affection for a sweet little pumpkin or quirky television show character than it is about your child's want to don a particular costume. So, now is the time to scoop them up and savor this moment (and pick the costume you want) because, mama, look me in the eyes — this moment shall pass. And then you'll be left with an idea, a dream and a 3-year-old who wants to choose her own Halloween costume.

And you see who the innocent victim is in this scenario, right?


Plush Wolf Halloween Costume

Whether you are going with a "Little Red Riding Hood" theme, "The Three Little Pigs," or your little one simply loves wild animals, this wolf costume is the perfect getup. The costume is one piece with a side zipper, hood, attached tail, and an elastic band for fitting over shoes. Plus, if you're up for it, there's a matching adult version.


Plush Pineapple Vest Halloween Costume

This pineapple costume is a great option for babies who have just slipped into the toddler age — it comes complete with skid resistant booties to help prevent slipping and snap buttons for easy diaper changes (yeah, someone's looking out for you, too).


Giraffe Costume

Kids have a special affection for animals and giraffes are no exception. Bonus? This zip-up costume is bound to keep them cozy long into a night of trick-or-treating.


Cookie Monster 'Sesame Street' Costume

If your kiddo is prone to statements that sound a lot like "Me want cookie!" then this fuzzy blue zip-up might be the pick for them.


Lil' Lumberjack Halloween Costume

I mean, how adorable is this? This lumberjack costume features a bodysuit with soft and plush work boots, printed denim jeans, a buffalo plaid shirt, and suspenders.


Plush Unicorn Halloween Costume

This fun unicorn jumpsuit with a side zipper, hood, attached tail and wings, spiral horn, rainbow hair, and open feet with an elastic band for fitting over shoes. Magical, right?


Plush Monkey Halloween Costume

If your kid loves to monkey around (see what I did there?), then this jumpsuit is the costume for them. The monkey one piece comes complete with a hood, attached tail, and open feet with an elastic band for fitting over shoes.


Mermaid Costume

A shimmering tail, sheer sleeves, and lots of sparkle gives this mermaid costume just the right amount of Halloween glam, right?


Plush Pony Rider Halloween Costume

Shoulder straps secure this pony rider costume to your little one's shoulders and will have them saying "Yee haw!" throughout their night of trick-or-treating.


Angel Costume

Does it get sweeter than this angel costume with a flutter-sleeve bodice and all the gold details? I think not.


Dark Dragon Halloween Costume

If your toddler is big on the "Boo!" aspect of Halloween, then this spooky dragon costume might be just the right amount of ferociousness for them. According to the Target website, it "comes with a long-sleeve bodysuit that's covered in realistic scale detailing, along with webbing under the arms so your little one can feel like they're ready to take to the skies."


Tractor Halloween Costume

Whether your kiddo is one with the land or simply loves to play with toy vehicles, this tractor costume is the right amount of fun for a Halloween adventure.


Monarch Butterfly Costume

Orange and black butterfly detailing with polka dot and tulle accents make this Monarch butterfly costume a sweet pick for your toddler.


'Star Wars' Yoda Costume

If your toddler has dreams of becoming a Jedi master (let's be honest, this pick is really about your Jedi dreams, but anyway...), this Yoda costume is bound to be a hit. And I've got to say it — may the force be with the both of you on Halloween night.


Flower Garden Gnome

I mean, COME. ON. And, yes, there's a boy version, too.