Courtesy Target

Target's Wine Fanny Packs Are Here To Make This The Best Summer Ever

Summer fun isn't just for kids, my friends. A fantastic new product from every mom's favorite store is helping grown ups have the best summer ever, too. You're going to want to grab one Target's new wine fanny packs and a bottle of your favorite vino, ASAP.

The insulated packs are 13.5 inches long, 5 inches high, and 4 inches deep, according to the Target website. By comparison, the typical wine bottle is about 12 inches tall and about 3 inches across, according to Vigilant Inc. Seems like a match made in heaven, doesn't it? Plus, let's not forget that other portable options like canned rosé and spiked seltzer will also fit great.

The fanny packs are available in two cute, summery patterns: shimmery blue mermaid scales, and a pink and yellow grapefruit design. At just $6 each, you might want to just invest in both so you can mix and match with your outfit when you've got a boozy summer day coming up.

Of course, you can also use the fanny packs for non-alcoholic drinks — they can keep soda cans or juice boxes cool, plus fit things like snacks and sandwiches. They'd be perfect for outings when you don't want or need to pack up a big, heavy cooler, and could also be great for parents who are lugging around a baby in one arm. All you need is one hand free to reach down and get easy access to whatever you need. And since the waist band is adjustable, they could also work as a fun lunch pack for kids.

When summer rolls around, I basically should just reroute all of my pay checks directly to Target. They have the absolute cutest stuff every year. These amazing wine fanny packs, which are part of the Sun Squad line, are just the tip of the iceberg. Seriously, I dare you to head to right now and not end up with a few hundred bucks worth of summer goodies in your cart. I really don't think it can be done, because there's just too much irresistible stuff. There's gorgeous, colorful beach gear, like this pink and green ombré towel ($10), that may or may not be sitting in my cart right now. There are hilariously cute pool floats, like this giant watermelon slice ($29). And if you need a cooler that holds enough snacks and drinks for a few people, there's this fun geometric print cooler backpack ($20). It can hold up to 20 cans (or several bottles of wine, I'm sure), and is leak-proof.

If you want to get your hands on a wine fanny pack though, you'll want to act sooner than later. There were several more color options when the fanny pack coolers first launched, as seen on, but they've since sold out on (but you could possibly get lucky and spot one of them in stores).

So the next time you see a mom rocking a funky, colorful fanny pack while out and about, don't assume that it's simply a bold fashion choice — sidle up and ask if she's got a glass to share.