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Taylor Swift Surprised A Fan Before She Lost Her Hearing, & 5 Other Ridiculously Heartfelt Things She's Done For Her Fans

In case there weren’t already enough reasons to adore Taylor Swift, she gave us yet another Sunday night. As the result of a Twitter hashtag gone viral, Swift surprised a fan who was losing her hearing, and was heartbroken by the thought that she would no longer get to hear her idol’s music. Twelve-year-old Australian fan Jorja Hope was recently diagnosed with a condition that causes progressive hearing loss, according to Complex. So her twin sister, Chloe, helped launched an online Twitter campaign to help her sister meet Swift during her tour stop in Sydney, and with a little help from a local radio station, the hashtag #HelpJorjaMeetTaylorSwiftSydney went viral and made its way back to the star. Jorja and her sister were then able to go backstage to meet Taylor Swift before the concert, making her dream a reality.

But as any good Swifty knows, Taylor is pretty much the queen of doing awesome, heartfelt things for her fans, so it’s no surprise she totally made sure to surprise Jorja in Sydney. Not only is she all about helping out with charitable donations and other good causes, she is super grateful for all of her supporters, and tries to give back however she can. For a lot of fans, just getting a Twitter shoutout or a meet and greet is more than enough, but Swift is way more creative than that. Here are some more reasons why Taylor Swift is absolutely the best when it comes to her fans:


She Sent Her Fans Christmas Presents

To Taylor Swift fans, the 2014 holiday season will forever be known as “Swiftmas." After an awesome year personally, Taylor decided to give back to her fans in the most ridiculous of ways — by stalking them online (#TayLurking) and buying them Christmas presents. Seriously.


She Donated $50,000 To A Fan With Leukemia

After 11-year-old Taylor Swift fan Naomi Oakes was diagnosed with leukemia, her family uploaded a video on YouTube summarizing her story, including Naomi’s love of “Bad Blood” as her personal fight song. Naomi’s parents were hoping for an Instagram shout-out to their daughter from Taylor, since her illness meant she’d have to miss the concert she’d be planning to attend, but Swift did one better: She donated $50,000 to Naomi’s GoFundMe page. Amazing.


She Actually Showed Up To A Fan's Bridal Shower

After receiving a wedding invitation from a super fan named Gena, Swift decided that she’d just hop on a plane to Ohio and surprise her by actually going. And she didn’t arrive empty-handed, bringing the bride-to-be a Kitchenaid stand mixer with a handwritten recipe for chocolate chip cookies. Too cute.


She Invited Fans To Her House For A Listening Party

In the lead-up to the release of her wildly-successful album, 1989, Swift decided that she wanted to invite some fans to have a first listen. And she wanted to do that at her house. Hundreds of fans were invited to the secret listening parties at Swift’s various houses, and naturally she was the ultimate hostess, right down to the freshly-baked cookies.


She Gave A Fan Money To Buy $90 Worth Of Burritos

So once upon a time, Taylor ran into some fans in Central Park, and they took selfies and it was totally cool and fun. But it gets better. The fan then mentioned to Taylor that it was her birthday and that she was headed to Chipotle for lunch (because, obviously), and Taylor opened up her purse and gave her $90 so that she could have a nice birthday meal.

I think it’s pretty safe to say Taylor Swift is basically the best ever, right?

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