Taylor Swift's "End Game" Music Video Is Full Of Hidden Meanings & Secret Messages

If there's one thing Taylor Swift does well (Who am I kidding? There's about a million things that legend does right), it's making a statement. Everything she does sends a message and she does it on purpose. So with Taylor Swift's "End Game" music video, it's no surprise that there are about a million hidden meanings.

I mean, Swift's first music video of 2018 couldn't really be anything less than iconic, could it? The music video for "Look What You Made Me Do," the first single off of her record-breaking album, Reputation, was filled to the brim with secret signs and messages, so her latest project was sure to be the same. And the 10-time Grammy winner certainly did not disappoint fans when she finally dropped the highly anticipated video on Thursday night.

So, if you haven't seen the video yet, then take a seat and get on that. Seriously, you're going to want to see Swift's latest creative collaboration with music video director Joseph Kahn. The two always create masterpieces, and the "End Game" music video is just that. Oh, and the video is more than just visually stunning. It's creative, original, and a seriously huge production with tons of sly messages hidden within.

So, let's dive in, shall we?

First Of All, Fans Have Already Translated A Lot Of The Foreign Signs

Thursday morning, Swift released a teaser trailer for the music video that was only seconds long. Still, loyal Swifties were able to pause the trailer long enough to translate some of the signs that were in Japanese into English and figure out what they meant. Because obviously, Swift being who she is, there was no way that those signs were just random.

According to several Twitter users, the signs in Japanese mean "End Game," (that one is pretty obvious), "A team," also referenced in the song, but could also be a special shout out to Ed Sheeran who is featured on the song and music video for his own single, "A Team." Then there are signs that translate into "Your first string," another lyric from the song, and "reputation," also pretty obvious.

But in addition to those are "Meredith" and "Olivia," Swift's real-life cats that often make appearances in her videos. Clearly, Swift isn't messing around when it comes to letting fans know that everything has a meaning. Oh, and that cats are lifelong friends.

The Snake Is Also Back With A Vengeance

Swift has taken back the snake imagery that people so lovingly tied to her back in 2016 (insert eye roll here), and has made it her own. The "Look What You Made Me Do" music video ensured that everyone was aware Swift knew exactly what they thought of her. And "End Game" is no exception.

In the new music video, Swift is seen rocking several snake accessories, as well as even playing the iconic '90s video/computer game, Snake.

Yeah, she really did that.

Oh, & OG Swifties Don't Feel Left Out: The "13" References Are Still There

If you've been a Swift fan for a while now (I'm 10 years in, but whose counting?), you'll be aware that there's quite a significance to the number 13 when it comes to Swift. Her birthday is Dec. 13, and she's made numerous references to that specific number in a lot of her projects, even writing it on her hand at concerts.

And while she has certainly grown up over the past 10 years, lifelong Swifties need not worry because in the "End Game" video, the 13 references are a plenty.

There are 13 dots on a juice box.

The radio is on channel 13.

Obviously, Swift wants her fans to know that even though her image has changed, she is still very much the same girl they fell in love with.

"Bad Blood" Has Come Full Circle

There are several moments in the "End Game" music video that are extremely reminiscent of the "Bad Blood" video. In particular, Swift is seen riding a motorcycle, much like she is in "Bad Blood." But in the newest video, she leads the pack, and no other motorcycle drivers are featured, signaling that perhaps, Swift is ready to stand on her own.

And that's not all. In "Bad Blood" Swift is sitting in a clear sports car that stand still alongside Kendrick Lamar while he raps. In "End Game" though, Swift sits in a moving sports car while Future raps. Oh, and in "Bad Blood," the car being clear might mean that Swift is open and honest and willing to share about her life. In "End Game," though, the car is black and solid, signifying that Swift has put up walls and barriers to protect herself.

There's No Love Interest, Or Is There?

The "End Game" music video takes place in three different cities: Miami, Tokyo, and London. While this might not seem significant, it actually kind of is. If you pay close attention you'll realize that the video leads to New Year's Eve. There are fireworks and champagne toasts and parties galore.

But where does she end up in the video? London. On New Year's Day.

OK, if you're not getting it, allow me to explain. Swift's most romantic song on her new album is called "New Year's Day," and it's a masterpiece. Basically, it's a song you'll want played at your wedding and it will make you cry (especially if you've already had a little wine). So the fact that Swift ends her video about being someone's end game on New Year's Day in London (where her boyfriend, Joe Alwyn lives, as HuffPost reported), isn't a coincidence.

Oh, and remember Swift's single, "Call It What You Want," and her mention of a certain kind of necklace. Specifically, the line "I want to wear your initial on a chain 'round my neck," has lead many fans to believe that the two are totally in love and that the necklace she has been spotted wearing is the one she sang about.

Well, that necklace has made a reappearance in the "End Game" video, and the fact that the video ends with her in London on New Year's Day definitely seems to point towards Swift being seriously in love with Alwyn.

While the video might be whimsical and lighthearted on first view, it definitely has deeper meaning.

But no matter what you think about Swift or her latest video, one thing has just about everyone talking about "End Game," and it isn't the costumes.

Everyone Wants To Get Drunk With Taylor Swift Now

If you're a Swift fan, then you remember her "22" music video, which was basically a giant party. Well, the "End Game" video is "22," all grown up, y'all. Honestly, the main thing people have gotten from Swift's latest video isn't how amazing she looks (she does) or how creatively brilliant the sets are (they are), no. People have been freaking out about how much Swift is drinking in this video.

But, the thing is, Swift is 28 years old, and can do whatever she wants, even, oh, I don't know, date someone. Seriously, y'all, Swift is grown up and has evolved, and the "End Game," music video proves it.

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