Craig Sjodin/ABC

#TeamPeter Tweets From 'The Bachelorette' Finale Prove How Much He's Loved

Well, Rachel made her choice — and, as per every Bachelor(ette) finale, it's wrought with controversy. Bryan ended up getting down on one knee, but not before Peter and Rachel had a devastating breakup the day prior. Even though everyone knows Rachel and Bryan are engaged, the viewers' love for Peter hasn't stopped. Fans on social media still pledge their love for him — and are making a bid for him to be the next Bachelor, especially because of his awkward ending with Rachel. #TeamPeter tweets from The Bachelorette finale prove how much Bachelor Nation loves him.

What even happened between Peter and Rachel!? Their breakup was so sudden; I've never seen a conversation like it on The Bachelor shows. After their final date, they sat down to have a conversation — I thought it'd be yet another talk about how Peter wants to be with Rachel but he's not ready to propose to her yet. I, and the rest of Bachelor Nation, quickly realized it was more serious than that, though. Neither of them would budge on how they felt about the proposal, and both of them cried through the decision to part ways. While they didn't explicitly break-up — as Chris Harrison pointed out in the live taping — it was pretty obvious that's what it was.

I was just as devastated as Peter was in that moment (well, I'm guessing I was pretty close). As it turns out, I wasn't the only one: #TeamPeter started trending on Twitter, and fans weren't shy about their love toward him:

While the couple's intense breakup made Bryan the de-facto winner (okay, okay, Rachel did accept his proposal), it also meant that Peter's now open to be the next Bachelor. Unfortunately, viewers will have to wait to find out who it actually is; according to Chris Harrison, ABC has not made their decision yet. It's evident that Bachelor Nation loves Peter, so it's no surprise that those who are #TeamPeter are rooting for him to be the next lead:

Whether it happens is as of yet unknown, but if Twitter's any indication, fans will be very excited if that's the case. The good thing about being a part of the Bachelor franchise is that even if a fan favorite doesn't win, there's no need to be bitter (well, that bitter), because it's likely we'll see them again soon. I'll be crossing my fingers for #TeamPeter for Bachelor 2018.